Sunday, 21 August 2011

Thought of the day

I remember my first thought of super long hair. It will have to be at least 10 years ago. I had started watching Sailor Moon on some German channel and really enjoyed it. Later I found out that the German dub is pretty awesome compared to the English; They haven’t hacked it to bits in editing, removed all the fun jokes or made the voices sound like retarded 7 year olds with a bizarre sense of “slang”.
I started reading some fanfiction too, mostly on (Which was pretty awesome until they removed the NC 17 option)
In one story which title and author has been lost in the fogs of my memory, Usagi (Sailor Moon) remarks casually to Haruka (Sailor Uranus) about her hair that “…I need to put it up or it will touch the ground”
For some reason that line just burned into my memory.
Pretty weird though because my hair then was about mid back and I had no intention of growing it super long. The longest hair I had ever seen was about classic. Sure I knew that people with super-super-super long hair existed, but that was in the reality of Guinness records books along the lines of “Most live snakes inserted in body cavities” aka: Freaks with no real-life application.
I never really “noticed” the super long hair in Sailor Moon as such. I mean, in anime you have the strangest and most alien hair styles and colours, so the classic to knee length hair of Venus, Mars and Moon wasn’t strange at all.
Maybe the line struck a cord because the writer thought of the “option” of growing your hair that long? I’m not even sure.
It’s funny to think back on.

1-2 (maybe 3?) years later I would shave my head and end up growing super long…

Hair nerd thought
If sailor moon is just 150 cm tall or 4´11” (Why yes, I Googled for it!) She would still have had to have been actively growing her hair long for almost her entire life to reach the classic to knee length with her hair put up in odangos like she has in the beginning of the series (Where she is 14)

First season

Speaking of those funny odangos, they never really looked like real buns to me (Has the hair-nerd finally crossed the line into insanity when she analyses “reality” in anime?) but more like hair being draped over balls

I never understood that extremely heavy fringe thing all the characters has going on…

Venus posing as Sailor Moon. Notice how short her hair suddenly is! Usually Venus is drawn having classic to knee-ish long hair, but with those odango, her hair shrinks back to BSL?

Sailor Venus flipping her hair lose. Nothing much to say other than “Pretty!”

Oh and this has nothing to do with the hair, I just think it’s hilarious because it’s true!


  1. That was a kind of funny post. I really liked you sharing your first thought about super long hair with us all!

  2. Hey thats pretty funny. Do you think it somehow influenced you? Maybe subconciously?