Thursday, 12 April 2012

The cheap and picky longhair is being cheap and picky?

I was running low on leave in conditioner so I had to go shopping for it. Of course the problem was that stupid H&M in the city had stopped carrying my usual Sunsilk leave in conditioner and when I asked, was told they would never stock it again. Augh!
I wasn’t feeling in the mood to go to Nova (Mall in the other end of Lund) just for leave in conditioner so I decided to look around and see if I could find an alternative.
That turned out to be a lot more work than I expected. After some searching through 100, 200 and 300 kronor bottles I finally gave up and got 2 bottles of 50 ml each at Åhlens. 40 kronor each, down from 80! Wow, what a bargain!
It looked like just plain old expensive silicone drops. What a disappointment.
Even crankier than before I decided to try the stylist around the corner called Delal. The guy there argued for me trying what looked more like a styling cream than the leave in conditioner I asked for. 169 kronor for 150 ml. Uff!
In a moment of madness I went to check at H&M and O…M…G…
They had my trusty old Sunsilk leave in conditioner?!

Baby, don’t ever leave me again!
I returned the expensive styling cream thing and got some attitude from the guy which I absolutely did not appreciate.
Under normal circumstances I might have kept the expensive product, but I was getting pretty tired and cranky over the ridiculous prices…

Look at this:
The big bottles costs as much as the little ones, after the little ones have had 50% off the price. And the little bottles are just simple uncomplicated silicone drops! Bleah!

Today’s hair

Or lack thereof?
Wore my fake bangs today under a beanie today. They feel a bit too thick for my taste but I guess my main issue is that every time I see myself wearing the piece I keep thinking “Dude, where’s my eyebrows?”

Monday, 9 April 2012

Fish oil FTW

I have taken fish oil again for just 5 days since my order arrived and I can really see a difference in my skin! I know omega 3 has an anti inflammatory effect so I guess that, in combination with correcting the fatty acid balance in the skin (That I read about here) have had a real impact on my skin.

I’m really impressed by how quickly it has been too: I can tell a difference after just 5 days at my normal dosage of 1 gram of fish oil (336 mg omega 3 fatty acids)

For a while I wondered if it was a placebo effect but I’m 99% sure that it isn’t.

One thing I find myself wondering: With all the crappy, obvious, insane, potentially damaging, ridiculous and just plain stupid skin care advice I’ve received through my life, why haven’t anyone ever told me about this?