Monday, 9 April 2012

Fish oil FTW

I have taken fish oil again for just 5 days since my order arrived and I can really see a difference in my skin! I know omega 3 has an anti inflammatory effect so I guess that, in combination with correcting the fatty acid balance in the skin (That I read about here) have had a real impact on my skin.

I’m really impressed by how quickly it has been too: I can tell a difference after just 5 days at my normal dosage of 1 gram of fish oil (336 mg omega 3 fatty acids)

For a while I wondered if it was a placebo effect but I’m 99% sure that it isn’t.

One thing I find myself wondering: With all the crappy, obvious, insane, potentially damaging, ridiculous and just plain stupid skin care advice I’ve received through my life, why haven’t anyone ever told me about this?

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  1. I've read that eating a healthy diet can make all the difference in having a healthy skin. From what I read these are the things that are required:
    - 75% of the diet has to be fresh, raw fruits and vegetables (less fruits, more vegetables, especially leafy greens)
    - all of the diet should be organic, preferably locally grown so it's already ripe when picked
    - no processed food of any kind, nothing pre-packaged, or that has corn syrup in it, etc
    - no sugar of any kind, no pasta, or white rice, or bread (bread, sugar and pasta counting as processed foods)
    - nothing fried
    - boiled meat, beans, peas, brown rice etc are ok
    - lots of water
    These are just general tips to be healthier but they help with skin too. It's a full body transformation.