Saturday, 7 April 2012

Attempted top knot

I’ve been thinking ahead for the party on Saturday (Kinda a delayed birthday party for me) and since the top knot seems to still rule the fashion world I figured maybe I should try a test knot.

I was thinking I would go for a rope braided Nautilus for my top knot instead of the sleek or messy knots that seems to be the It Thing.

The finished result

First I did a high ponytail. This turned out to be a real headache as my hair absolutely hates changes of directions. It comes with the territory of having coarse hair. My hair doesn’t “slide” smoothly against itself; it tangles if you try to direct it in another way. It took me something like 15 minutes to create a slightly-higher-than-normal ponytail, argh!

My left triceps was burning! I use my right hand to comb and the left to hold, so I had my left arm stuck in an uncomfortable position trying to hold my heavy, damp hair in place. Ouch!

In 20/20 hindsight, the way to go for this step is definitely to bend at the hip and tilt forwards instead of combing upwards. I might try this tomorrow.

Now for the rope braid. Hm. Not impressed. Again, 20/20 hindsight tells me to bend forwards next time. I had trouble feeling what I was doing and I couldn’t see it either. Ropebraids have never been a friend of mine so maybe I should just go for a simple braid instead?

Front view after turning the rope braid into a Nautilus. It got a bit asymmetrical. Hm.

So what do you all think?

I think it has potential. I think if I practise this a few more times it could be a cool style for me. I like the position of the bun actually. The “lift” is a nice touch and the rope bun is pretty cool. The question is if it would work with a braid too or only rope braids. I doubt I will ever make friends with those #¤%£$ things…


  1. That my favorite bun, it looks so pretty. I think it came out great. :)

  2. That's where I do my higher buns too, I usually prefer to make them at ear length but this is a lovely style, seems to have a more youthful vibe to it.

    Have to admit though, when I read "top knot" I was a little scared xD