Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I finally talked hubby into giving me a trim. I’ve been trying to bring it up with him before and every time it has resulted in him angsting over the risk of screwing it up. Every time I have said that I feel a lot safer with his cautious trimming than in the hands of some scissor-happy stylist who would prefer to add layers and highlights and…

It’s not like my ends were very even before anyways: I still have that reverse U shape from my bad habit of snipping my braid tassel. I just wanted it evened up a tiny little bit.
10 minutes and lots of whining and worrying later and my ends looked like this.
Hubby did a great job!
I thought with all his worried complaints and his assumptions that I would be upset with the result that he had snipped a lot of hairs, but no. A sweep of the floor didn’t exactly reveal a lot of hairs!
Now I just have to keep from snipping the few longest hairs in my braid tassel so I don’t maintain the reverse U shape.
Ridiculously long full length shot! I’m back above knee length I think. 


  1. It looks amazing :)) I have forsaken TOC and been a member on UTT for a while now, and I love that cimmunity so much.

  2. looks like it might be brushing the top of your knee area.

  3. It looks knee to me, but does your hair shrink up when it's dry? If so, it might just be touching the tips of your knee.

    Looks amazing!!