Sunday, 1 April 2012

Hair dream

I dreamt about my hair last night.
First I bleached my hair bimbo blonde. Bimbo blonde is what I always call it in my head when I see one of those girls who just want to be “really, really blonde” with no regard to how healthy their hair is or if the colour looks natural at all. It always ends up with that distinct, flat yellow colour.   
It turned out I (Surprise) didn’t like it at all.
For some reason I decided the logical step would be to colour my hair black.
But my ends didn’t take the colour like the rest and it turned out to be spotted and patchy in yellow and black. Like a leopard.
Imagine if I could actually get my hair like that?  

1 comment:

  1. I have a weird dream to share--I dreamt I was somewhere and ended up in Sweden and you were there--and you'd cut your hair to just below your shoulders. I was sad, but it looked nice. And it was very blond. It was a very interesting dream because I was scared of being in a place I'd never been and you and your mom were helping me over a bridge, but that we had to walk along the groves of a fence--there was no bottom and it was over a 50 foot heavy rushing river. We were walking over this bridge to get to Italy, because of course, Italy and Sweden are next to each other ???

    Odd though because I felt comforted that you and your mom were there to 'help' me and I think the message of the dream was that no matter how I might feel in a new situation, I will always have help :D