The Jolly Blogger Award

1. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
Christmas Eve like most Danes.

2. Favourite Christmas song?
Shu-bi-dua: Den himmelblå

Or maybe
Mariah Carey: All I want for Christmas is you

Drengene fra Angora - Jul i Angora
(Feel free to be confused)

3. Favourite Christmas/holiday movie?
I’m going to have to go with ELF.

But if I can pick TV Christmas calendars too, I still love The Julekalender. It’s one of those bizarre Danish things that won’t make any sense to the rest of the world, but damn. Still cracks me up 23 years after it showed on TV for the first time (Holy crap I’m old!)
Here, have a full episode:
(And feel free to be thoroughly confused again)

4. Favourite Christmas decoration?
Nisser everywhere!
Any kind is good.

5. Favourite Christmas food?

Traditional Danish Christmas duck


All things I miss quite a lot since Sweden has different Christmas traditions when it comes to food.

6. Favourite holiday/winter drink?
Christmas beers!

As much as I want to, I cannot stomach gløgg. It looks so cozy and nice, but bleargh.

7. Snow or no snow?
Hmm. Tricky question. Snow looks so awesome and feels so right for Christmas. But it also comes with nasty wet puddles everywhere, frozen sidewalks to slip on and generally messes up your home with all the mud and water you end up dragging in.
So… I don’t know.

8. Do you send out cards or no cards?
I do send cards, but I’m not very thorough with them. It feels a little silly. Like, once a year you “have to” send cards out to people for no other reason than that you should.

9. Do you still secretly believe in Santa Claus?
No.Does anyone?

10. Your favourite winter clothing item?
Big warm, heavy snowboots.

11. One beauty product you cannot be without this winter?
Lip balm. So much lip balm.

12. Best Christmas memory?
Hmmm. I don’t think I have any that sticks out as the best Christmas memory ever, but every year when we play Pakkespil, it seems to be the best moment ever!

It’s absolutely hilarious when people get all worked up about it. 

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