Saturday, 11 June 2011

Q and A

Since it looks like you can’t post comments to Pages, any question to me can be posted as a comment here and I will paste the question and answer it in the Q and A page.

Let’s see if anyone has anything to ask me ;)

Monday, 6 June 2011

Today’s hair

Another extremely hot and sunny day. The heat gives me a slight headache and whenever I have my hair in a bun, I end up thinking it’s the buns fault and mess with it or take it down. Put my hair in a braid today and still had that annoying headache. Sigh.

I made a fairly uncomplicated braid “with a bit of French” and held it with a elastic matching my blue shirt and a blue headband also matching the shirt and with some white details that fit very nicely with the white print on the front of it.

It felt pretty pedestrian and yet I got two compliments from strangers.

One from an older man while waiting for a friend. He did slightly creep me out but luckily my friend showed up to “save” me. Yay!

Another from a very hard of hearing girl I had problems communicating with (She didn’t speak English and my not-too-good-yet Swedish was too hard for her to understand) She wanted a picture of my braid and I let her take one.

It did make me wonder a bit of my own reactions. Would I have allowed the girl to take my picture if she wasn’t handicapped? Was it that the guy happened to be, well, a guy that creeped me out?


Anyways. I took a picture of the braid. Nothing too interesting about it other than it being so colour-coordinated and the tassel being pretty long. One of the parts ran out of length and I couldn’t be bothered to re-braid it and exchange hairs between the parts.

Yesterday’s hair

Extremely hot and sunny day. I wanted something with a bit of shade for my hair and thought of my old favourite the braided bun with a silk scarf braided into it.

But once I started wrapping it around, it was clear that the scarf alone couldn’t hold it with just the ends tied together. It used to be able to hold the bun up, but not anymore.

Actually that added to my theory that the cinnamon bun had a certain thickness to length ratio where it works. Too much thickness to too little length means you can’t get enough coils to get the self-stabilising effect. Too much length to the thickness and the whole thing starts sliding and unravelling.
Braiding before coiling it around in a bun will make the bun work with more length to less thickness and still give you the self-stabilising effect.

I used to take advantage of that by holding the bun with just the two ends of the scarf tied together. Now I guess it is too long.

Since that didn’t work, I tried to wrap the braid up in a Nautilus. That didn’t work either, but by then I was getting bored with messing with my hair, so I just stuck a black Ketylo through and got on with my day.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

New material coming up?

I probably should apologise for not posting more often, but it’s hard to keep the habit up. Having long hair is just such a habit for me that it’s hard to see the “unusual” in it and write my routines down. Its sort of like if I blogged about opening doors or making coffee I guess.

I find it easier to keep the habit up with visiting UTT. There are fun to be found, questions to answer and valued new input.

Last week I printed out a calendar for June and stuck it on my fridge to fill out for every day I go to the gym. It’s very motivating and revealing! Maybe I should do the same with blogging?

Anyways. I got some input from friends in real life and especially liked two suggestions:

A)   A complete beginner’s guide. Nothing fancy, not even for people going for super long lengths, but just for people looking to have healthier hair. I really liked that suggestion. It’s the kind of thing I think would appeal to just about everyone. Even those with “super long lengths” could use a few new thoughts on the basics once in a while too

B)   A page on my non-hair beauty routine. My friend said it because I “claimed I spend less time on my hair than on everything else.” I know she said it mostly in “defiance” since she is a short haired person at heart and will never believe it. But, I do kind of like the idea.

Other than those two, what do you all think? Something I should cover? Something you would like to know? Put up a (F)AQ?