Sunday, 5 June 2011

New material coming up?

I probably should apologise for not posting more often, but it’s hard to keep the habit up. Having long hair is just such a habit for me that it’s hard to see the “unusual” in it and write my routines down. Its sort of like if I blogged about opening doors or making coffee I guess.

I find it easier to keep the habit up with visiting UTT. There are fun to be found, questions to answer and valued new input.

Last week I printed out a calendar for June and stuck it on my fridge to fill out for every day I go to the gym. It’s very motivating and revealing! Maybe I should do the same with blogging?

Anyways. I got some input from friends in real life and especially liked two suggestions:

A)   A complete beginner’s guide. Nothing fancy, not even for people going for super long lengths, but just for people looking to have healthier hair. I really liked that suggestion. It’s the kind of thing I think would appeal to just about everyone. Even those with “super long lengths” could use a few new thoughts on the basics once in a while too

B)   A page on my non-hair beauty routine. My friend said it because I “claimed I spend less time on my hair than on everything else.” I know she said it mostly in “defiance” since she is a short haired person at heart and will never believe it. But, I do kind of like the idea.

Other than those two, what do you all think? Something I should cover? Something you would like to know? Put up a (F)AQ?


  1. I think a faq is a great idea. I've been growing my hair out and reading on hair care for over 10 years. I am always looking for information. I probably know all the important stuff, but I'm always looking for new ideas.

  2. I really like the idea of the FAQ as well and the complete beginner's guide. I've been lurking on the forums for a bit and would love to read something like that.

  3. I kinda want to read about your non-hair stuff too

  4. I would love to get advice and read that stuff :)