Monday, 6 June 2011

Yesterday’s hair

Extremely hot and sunny day. I wanted something with a bit of shade for my hair and thought of my old favourite the braided bun with a silk scarf braided into it.

But once I started wrapping it around, it was clear that the scarf alone couldn’t hold it with just the ends tied together. It used to be able to hold the bun up, but not anymore.

Actually that added to my theory that the cinnamon bun had a certain thickness to length ratio where it works. Too much thickness to too little length means you can’t get enough coils to get the self-stabilising effect. Too much length to the thickness and the whole thing starts sliding and unravelling.
Braiding before coiling it around in a bun will make the bun work with more length to less thickness and still give you the self-stabilising effect.

I used to take advantage of that by holding the bun with just the two ends of the scarf tied together. Now I guess it is too long.

Since that didn’t work, I tried to wrap the braid up in a Nautilus. That didn’t work either, but by then I was getting bored with messing with my hair, so I just stuck a black Ketylo through and got on with my day.

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