Monday, 6 June 2011

Today’s hair

Another extremely hot and sunny day. The heat gives me a slight headache and whenever I have my hair in a bun, I end up thinking it’s the buns fault and mess with it or take it down. Put my hair in a braid today and still had that annoying headache. Sigh.

I made a fairly uncomplicated braid “with a bit of French” and held it with a elastic matching my blue shirt and a blue headband also matching the shirt and with some white details that fit very nicely with the white print on the front of it.

It felt pretty pedestrian and yet I got two compliments from strangers.

One from an older man while waiting for a friend. He did slightly creep me out but luckily my friend showed up to “save” me. Yay!

Another from a very hard of hearing girl I had problems communicating with (She didn’t speak English and my not-too-good-yet Swedish was too hard for her to understand) She wanted a picture of my braid and I let her take one.

It did make me wonder a bit of my own reactions. Would I have allowed the girl to take my picture if she wasn’t handicapped? Was it that the guy happened to be, well, a guy that creeped me out?


Anyways. I took a picture of the braid. Nothing too interesting about it other than it being so colour-coordinated and the tassel being pretty long. One of the parts ran out of length and I couldn’t be bothered to re-braid it and exchange hairs between the parts.

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