Saturday, 19 September 2015

New Testerkorea order

My Testerkorea order arrived!
I had my first beef with them: The Lombok Mastic Easyment Treatment couldn't be added to my order. It was a product that also should double as a leave in-conditioner, so I was quite eager to get it. It's 2015, so it shouldn't be possible for me to add something to my cart that the company cant deliver! Ugh. And then it took them over a week to get in contact with me about a replacement or refund. 
That aside, I was really happy.

Secretkey's Snail Repairing line: Cleanser, toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream and 3 sheet masks. 

I put this one up in the bathroom as current routine with a few other products.

Scinic's Snail Matrix line:Toner, emulsion, essence, eye cream, BB cream and cream. The BB cream is a really good match for my skintone! I put all of these in storage for now.

2 Benton Snail Bee high Content Essence: I really love this one. It goes into rotation right away.

The Yeon Jeju Canola Honey Essential Serum: What a huge bottle! It had leaked a bit during shipping so I tried it on my hands, liked it, and put it in rotation right away too.
Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum: I sorted and moved some products after taking the pictures and found I had a near-empty one already. Was it because I didn't tolerate it? Ugh. Why didn't I label the box I had stuck it in??

The very reason I placed the order to begin with: Etude House My Beauty Tool Lovely Ettie Hair Band

A'PIEU Clean Up Herb Source Cleansing Water Tissue: I wanted to see if these would be good for cleaning up eye-makeup before going into my nighttime skincare routine. I'd say it would be a good idea since I can't really use my Clarisonic on my eyelids!
INNISFREE Jeju Volcanic pore cleansing foam: It sounded so cool I had to try it.
BANILA CO Clay Patra Mineral Salt Clay Foam Cleanser: Good stuff. I have one in rotation already, but I needed a restock.

Free samples!

I know they had a sample-event going, but 6 packs? Cool.

A bit of different items in the packs, but still pretty cool.

I will try everything except the Tonymoly Banana Sleeping Pack. It will probably smell like "banana", that artificial "banana" flavor and scent based on that extinct banana, which doesn't taste or smell anything like modern bananas. I hate that! I need a friend who is interested in skincare, to give all these things to.

My awesome new headband!

They're very soft and hair friendly. Quite wide too.
Amazing how something so silly can make my skincare routine so much more fun!

Hubby thought it was really cute too and kept calling me "kitten" while petting my head.

Aaaand this is around here my camera decided to stop cooperating... 

My collection of storage boxes!

I sorted and organised my skin products and these 5 old Memebox-boxes are full of things that I have extra of, want to give another try because I'm not sure I tolerate it or not, or just haven't gotten around to try yet.
...No, I don't think I have too many products. Why?

A single box of things I know for sure I can't tolerate. Not sure what to do with these. They're obviously more or less used since I know I cant tolerate them, so I can't sell them. For now I just store them...

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hair inspiration

My thought was that my hair is long enough to wrap around my head as a crown braid and make a little bun out of at the neck.
I think my braid is too thick to look as elegant as this, so I tried a 5-stranded braid to flatten it.
Crown braids needs to be pretty flat or they end up looking weird...

I made a 5-stranded braid, wrapped it around my head and used the leftover braid to create a tiny "nautilus bun" to secure the ends.

My issue with this style was that
A) It felt a little wobbly and
B) It's not symmetrical
I think I can fix the majority of the "wobbly"-effect with a set of hair sticks instead of a clip. I'll do that next time.

You don't notice the asymmetry when you see it from the side, but from the front you can really see the taper affecting how thick the braid is.
Maybe I could braid in the end of a scarf next time? That would help fatten up the braid and give me something to help secure the little bun-part.

Would I do this style again?

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Hair inspiration

I liked this idea. The reason the ordinary cinnamon bun doesn't work for me, is that the beginning is too slippery. I need something to "anchor" it and twist the tail around. Maybe a simple knot like this would do the trick.

The initial "knot" caused me a bit of problems. It was difficult to get it smooth and firm. I also had some escaping hairs I had to tuck into the bun later.

Hubby's reaction was "It looks just like some normal bun?".
Yes. Exactly.
It looks like some plain, discrete, anonymous bun. I like that.
I haven't been able to do a regular cinnamon bun for many years because it slips and fails within minutes. This thing is the closest to a regular cinnamon bun I can do with my length.

I wonder how it would look if I partially braided (Like, after making the knot) this or fully braided (Braid first, then loop around) this?

Would I do this style again?

I'm going to need a bit of training to get the initial "knot" smooth and stable, but this has great potential.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Partial product storage

Here's the full-sized picture from yesterday. On this cupboard shelf I keep (Left to right):

  • Scents and deodorants
  • Backup Clarisonic heads
  • Couple of bodylotions that are not in use
  • Hair tools that are not currently in rotation
  • Leave in conditioners
  • Hair oils