Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hair inspiration

My thought was that my hair is long enough to wrap around my head as a crown braid and make a little bun out of at the neck.
I think my braid is too thick to look as elegant as this, so I tried a 5-stranded braid to flatten it.
Crown braids needs to be pretty flat or they end up looking weird...

I made a 5-stranded braid, wrapped it around my head and used the leftover braid to create a tiny "nautilus bun" to secure the ends.

My issue with this style was that
A) It felt a little wobbly and
B) It's not symmetrical
I think I can fix the majority of the "wobbly"-effect with a set of hair sticks instead of a clip. I'll do that next time.

You don't notice the asymmetry when you see it from the side, but from the front you can really see the taper affecting how thick the braid is.
Maybe I could braid in the end of a scarf next time? That would help fatten up the braid and give me something to help secure the little bun-part.

Would I do this style again?


  1. It's quite regal. I know you are a stringent self grader, sometimes I think you need to enjoy your success more fully.

  2. I can see why that style inspired you - it's really beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have enough hair for an additional bun, so I won't be attempting this one. I sometimes do just a coronet braid, but I have trouble with the taper... I dislike asymmetry probably as much as you :)

    That's why I usually cheat and do a Dutch braid at the nape of my neck - just several passes, from one ear to the other. Then I braid as usual and wind the braid around my head, tucking the thinnest ends in the braided base and thus making the braid more uniform.

    But I like your idea of a scarf to even out the thickness of the braid. It's totally worth a shot. Maybe even a paranda could help?

  3. I think that model is wearing extensions. And the braid was looser than how you braid, so that's likely why it didn't look identical, but it's a cute style and you wear it well! If you did a 'messy' braid, would that be more uncomfortable for you?(to secure that is).