Saturday, 22 September 2012


I’ve been working on my very first “real” product reviews. I need to figure out my personal style. What I think is important to mention. What I should focus on and evaluate.
I was thinking of using the following points:

Looks and image
Because, well, I think it’s kind of funny to see what they use to hook customers. Is it the “scientific” Complexrepair Fast-acting Keratineconcrete Hair Mend Molecules (Patent pending) or is it the extract of African Silky Angel Wing Hibiscus petals they use to lure the consumers with?
Because everyone wants yummy-smelling hair!
How does the product feel on your hands? Light or greasy? Thick or runny?
Rinse ability
How easy or hard the product is to clean off your hands will give you a good idea of how easy or hard it is to rinse out of your hair. This can also give you a pointer to what kind of silicones you have in the product (This is a useful thing to know if you can’t find an ingredient list) if they are water soluble or not.
How is it in my hair? Difficult to “work”? Does it make my hair soft and shiny?
Price and value
Simple math of the price versus the amount of product. Good for comparing to the end-result.
Ingredient list if I can find one.
Because… Conclusion!

I was thinking of using a “scale” of 

 Thumbs up


 No thanks


What do you give to a fellow longhair that you haven’t met?

When I was planning to go meet Growing2shine , I wanted to bring something nice for her. I decided to go for some argan oil since you shouldn’t go wrong with that. But then I felt it was a little too obvious and chanced it with getting her a silk bonnet from Pretty AnntoiNet's. It might not work for her, but maybe its one of those things you just haven’t thought to actually try.

I felt so bad for not being able to go that I decided to mail it to her. She should receive it today. 

Monday, 17 September 2012


It stinks. Tomorrow I was going to meet up with Growing2shine but instead I’m just going to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself. Pout.

Edit: Just made this:

 Hm. Sick and all, maybe I’m still capable of getting something done? I do want to get some product revives done on my latest haul of leave in conditioners…