Healthy hair 2016

I've tried a project healthy hair before, but I find I have problems sticking to a routine. When it comes to my hair, it's benign neglect that rules my world. Totally opposite of my sensitive skin where a time consuming and dedicated routine is the thing that works for me.
So why try again?


Well, mostly because I have decided to gradually trim my hair back, so I should land at around mid thigh by the end of the year. 
It looks like I can't get a lot more length out of my hair, so it's time to return to a length I enjoyed more. Mid thigh was my absolute favourite because I could comb in one smooth stroke, and longer than that means I have to lift the ends up to get to them. It sounds stupid, but it makes detangling a lot more demanding on time and effort. Also, I have to put the end of my braid around a door handle to get to the ends now!

So, since I'm something like 20-25 cm below fingertip length and my goal is to return there by the end of the year, my calculations goes like this:

(Desired length I want to get rid of + 2016's worth of growth) / a trim each month = How much I want trimmed off each month.
(20 + 12 x 1,5) / 12 = 3,1 cm
Of course this is the low estimate because I haven't calculated my seasonal extra-growth in (2-3 months of 2 cm instead of 1,5) and that  I'm not entirely sure how most past mid thigh I am: It could be 25 cm or even 30.
But I will start at 3 cm off every month and see where I land. 
Hubby is my dedicated trimmer and we will see if he can make friends with my new bangs cut kit.

Do more overnight treatments
I really should do these more often. It’s such an easy way to do a length conditioning. You just go to sleep and rinse it out when you wake. How often can you do an 8 hour deep conditioning without being bothered by neck aches or dripping?

Maybe I should generally try to do more treatments: Oil for the ends, CO to wash and overnight treatment for the ends...?

Care routine

  • Trim 3 cm off every month
  • CO wash once a week
  • Overnight treatment for the ends once a week
  • Use oil for the ends once a week

Buy silk sheets or pillowcases again
I used to have some and I did get used to them (I had a weird aversion to the feel of silk), but they can't take as many washes as my regular cotton. I never got myself together to buy more. 
I really should. 
Buy better tools
I really should shop around for some good tools. Some high end combs would be good for my hair. I do love my Hercules Sägemann combs and I should probably get myself some new ones. They could have microscopic tears.


  1. Hi,
    I'm so glad that you're going to do health hair year.. Would you be so kind and write your hair care routine for 2016 ...or maybe like a hair diary... I mean you treatments, products and how do you wash your hair and stuff.. I'm very interested in it because I have similar hair structure.. So I will do everything what you do :D... You could do a post about your hair care once a week or so.. It would be great..
    Thank you for such an amazing blog..

    Happy new year!!!!

    1. Hi Akville :) You know, that would actually be a really good idea! I really do tend to take my benign neglect to the extreme, so "having" to post what I did or didn't do might keep me on my toes :)A post once a week is a great idea. Actually, I think I did something similar a little while back? I could totally do that again. Thank you for the suggestion!

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  3. Hello!! Just felt the need to chime in and THANK YOU for all you do, both here and when you were on LHC, so ....THANK YOU!!!
    I do wish UTT was still around, so I could thank you there as well. Whatever happened to them ( please, if you don't mind)??? I admit I hadnt logged on in forever, like a fool...and now...there is nowhere... :(
    Well anyway, I can catch you here. Thank you again!!!

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