About this blog

Blogging since 2011.

I feel this blog is slightly misleading about how much space hair “takes up” in my life.

In reality, my hair is a somewhat uninteresting apart of my life and based a lot on routines and habits. Basically… Having super long hair is pretty damn easy.

If having long hair feels difficult for you, you are over thinking or over processing it.

So why do I have this blog?

I could easily have started blogging about something I feel more passionate about, like cooking, skin care, animal rights, the ridiculously low penalties in my part of the world, etc.

But for all of these things there are people who have said everything there is to say already, and way better than I could ever do.

Well, I’m not above admitting that I love when people tell me my growth story inspired them: “If you could do it from bald, so can I!”

But still: Consider this blog a “filter” where I try to keep it about hair and leave a lot of other things out. 

But let me try to explain it a little more…

Blogging is an 10 year+ old habit of mine. When I first encountered LHC after having been on some Yahoo groups for about a year, it was one of the things that I really saw the light in.

Blogging is a brilliant tool when it comes to hair care. You can keep track of your experiments, compare results, make notes about suspicions you have and always go back to find the routine that worked for you if you end up getting too entangled in wild experiments.

All in all, I consider it to be a tool as important as your wide toothed comb, CO washing techniques and up do methods.

Even before I got kicked out of LHC for being a big destructive old evil and “spreading misery” (And that’s a direct quote from Lexy) I had the thought of starting a blog another place. Somewhere it could be detached from the main forum.

Even though I later discovered how wonderfully informative, warm and genuinely accepting UTT is I still feel I would like the blog to stand on its own.

Ironically, the blog I do keep on UTT tends to be about everything else except for hair!

When I started this blog here, I took some of my old “article” style posts from various places on LHC (…That were more or less completely ignored by everyone except for a few who recognized someone had actually spent time and energy on trying to inform and help. Ironically, it’s always the people who already know their stuff who appreciates a good article while the people who actually should read the articles prefer to post new threads on the same tired old topics and ignore the existence of articles, sticky threads and search functions) and posted them here too. A lot of my newer posts here have also been posted on UTT and actually appreciated by people.

Anyways. The sad fact that even mentioning LHC still activates my gag-reflex aside, what is it that I want with this blog?

  • I want to document at least some of my daily handling and care. For my own sake to keep track of what I do so I can pinpoint problems and return to a routine that works if I should encounter problems. For readers to show that there really isn’t any bizarre magical solution to growing and having long hair.
  • I want to encourage those growing out. If I can grow to calf length hair from being bald, anyone can grow their hair long!
  • I want to inspire myself to keep doing different up dos. A compliment in real life is quickly forgotten, but a picture lasts.
  • I want to share my experience with tools and toys.
  • I want to share my knowledge and experience with hair “theory” with anyone interested.
…And from time to time I would like it if I could make people laugh too!
I guess basically what I want is the kind of blog I wished I had found when I was first new to the whole long healthy hair-thing.
One more thing though: I have no sponsors and I get nothing out of it when I link to stores, sellers or products. In fact, I'm sure most retailers of hair products aren't even aware I exist.
The opinions I post on products and tools are entirely my own.

And yes, I’m well aware that it can be a pain to leave comments on the blog. People tell me repeatedly on emails, Facebook and UTT. I know it from myself too since even I can have problems posting comments from my own owner and administrator-account. It's Bloggers issue and nothing I can change. My only advice is to wait for the captca to finish loading, sometimes it can be slow.
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