Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Random train of thought for the day

I found a strange search today in my statistics:
“longhair bun tail shiny hijab”

First thought: Huh?
Second thought: Did someone forget to hit enter between 3-4 different searches?
Third thought: How did this lead someone to my blog?
Fourth thought: *Checks stats again* …Twice?
Fifth thought: Okay, I have to perform this search myself and see! lol

To answer 3-5… My blog shows up on page 4 when you let Google autocorrect to “long hair bun tail shiny hijab”

Since that didn’t satisfy my curiosity, I poked around on the websites that Google had suggested for me.

One link that made me further curious was http://welovehijab.com/2011/02/18/camel-hump-hijab-style-video/
A thread and discussion on the “Camel hump” style hijab. I watched the embedded video to see if it was interesting or inspiring me in new ways of tying a scarf.
It wasn’t particularly interesting. In fact I thought all the styles were extremely unflattering to the model and most of them gave her a really creepy E.T.-look, but maybe that’s just me?
The discussion below the original post then went on if the “camel hump” is allowed or not since there is a passage in the Quoran speaking against women with “the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump”

I more or less couldn’t care about that.
But, what I found intensely fascinating in this very long (Very, very, very long) discussion on what is modest or not, is that not a single poster mentions the models make-up.

To me, the models makeup definitely crosses over in “slutty”. Obviously fake eyelashes, a ton of mascara, lots of black eyeliner, plenty of eye shadow, obviously drawn up eyebrows and shiny lip-gloss to really set off her mouth.

Maybe I just have a strange conception of “modest” but to me, that would be a bigger issue than the debate on if its correct to stuff your hijab or not. But then again, my reality is that I see a lot of Muslim girls looking like that every day. Skin-tight and skimpy clothes, ridiculously overdone makeup and then a big, stuffed hijab. They don’t exactly make a good example for their religion or the modesty they’re supposed to uphold.

Even though I’m happily agnostic, religious double standards really irritate me.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Sunday the 18th of august

(Well, it will be Monday before I finish typing this up)
I kept my hair in the (increasingly messy) 5-stranded braid for 2½ days. It was getting pretty greasy too, so… time to wash. I found a big bottle of V05 in a supermarket some time ago (At Willy’s for any interested Swede reading this)
V05 is pretty famous in the “hair circuit” for being great for CO washing and it didn’t disappoint this time either. Unfortunately I didn’t have the sense to pick up more than one bottle when we were there. I will have to make hubby go there with me… It’s for my hair!
Saturday was supposed to be cholesterol-day according to the hair-health schedule I made some time ago and barely followed since. Well, today I’m following it. Almost. Close enough anyways.
After cleaning the scalp, I wrapped it up in an Ankylosaurus with 2/3rd cholesterol treatment and 1/3rd Frank Provost expert repair. I plan to go to sleep after having posted this and let the length soak the conditioners up over night.
My hair will probably be severely irritated after such a deep treatment so I will go for a simple 3 stranded braid tomorrow instead of further training.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Am I in fashion yet?

I keep reading that the It (With a capital I) thing in hair right now is a messy side braid with a matte effect. So, since my hair is still in the 5-stranded braid from Friday and we got caught in a rainstorm when we went for a walk earlier…

…Am I in fashion yet??

“…It’s for my hair!”

Hubby learned long ago that “For my hair!” is an argument that trumps anything. It efficiently vetoes anything he could possible come up with as an argument.

Buying expensive and exotic oils and refusing to let him cook with them? It’s for my hair!
Chasing all over town to find a place that sells cassia? It’s for my hair!
Having way too many bottles in the shower? It’s for my hair!
Monopolising the bottle of ACV? It’s for my hair!
Pouting over him eating the last eggs? I needed the yolk… It’s for my hair!
Travelling to meet some people I only know through a forum? It’s for my hair!

But one thing he doesn’t complain about, is the food choices I make when I argue “…It’s for my hair!” because that usually means lots and lots of protein. Like today where I argued for two packs of spareribs instead of one. No protests at all to today’s dinner being 3 kg of honey marinated spareribs. Yum!!