Sunday, 28 August 2011

“…It’s for my hair!”

Hubby learned long ago that “For my hair!” is an argument that trumps anything. It efficiently vetoes anything he could possible come up with as an argument.

Buying expensive and exotic oils and refusing to let him cook with them? It’s for my hair!
Chasing all over town to find a place that sells cassia? It’s for my hair!
Having way too many bottles in the shower? It’s for my hair!
Monopolising the bottle of ACV? It’s for my hair!
Pouting over him eating the last eggs? I needed the yolk… It’s for my hair!
Travelling to meet some people I only know through a forum? It’s for my hair!

But one thing he doesn’t complain about, is the food choices I make when I argue “…It’s for my hair!” because that usually means lots and lots of protein. Like today where I argued for two packs of spareribs instead of one. No protests at all to today’s dinner being 3 kg of honey marinated spareribs. Yum!!

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