Thursday, 13 October 2011

Suddenly grew a tail…?

I found myself running around confused before going to the gym. I had packed my bag and mixed my sports drink and had thrown a fleece jacket from last year on before I realised my ipod had vanished.
Just as I made yet another round past hubby, he started laughing.

Does it count as a milestone that my hair in a braid has outgrown an old jacket?

Supplies for a good girly spoling…

Why yes, that is a nice copper hair colour! Heh.
Since my UTT blog is more private than this, details will go there. But people who have read my late LHC blog and current UTT one, will know what I did XD

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Tuesday the 11th of October

Our router died last week. At first I thought it wasn’t such a bad thing since having only one computer online would help my back-at-uni-hubby to not be distracted by the internet and games so much. It didn’t work though. It really gets in the way for my own internet time and ruins my urge to write and blog. I find myself to be strangely “territorial” about the computer as soon as I sit myself in front of it too. Weird.

The cut in the back of my head from the broken Ketylo seems to be almost healed. I just need to keep my fingers away from it and stop picking!

I have added a few (new) pages…
The biotin rantA collection of my hair-related links and the project knee length post.

I feel the idea of scheduled hair care is pretty good, even though I find myself rebelling against the idea from time to time. It does go against my conviction of long hair being easy, but since my ends are coming up on being 10 years old, it’s a good reminder for myself to spoil them once in a while. I have the daily handling and putting worked out, but some times it’s a good thing to not practise the benign neglect.
I will probably have to re-write it sooner or later.

Especially to add a trimming-schedule. Even though I’ve hit a clear and obvious knee length months ago, I have stuck to no trimming like I decided on in the original project.
I have really been itching to get rid of my thin ends but still managed to stay clear of the stylists, so yay for me!
Now the question for 2012 is: How much should I trim? Should I take a bit off every 3 months but keep growing longer? Trim to status quo and only thicken up? Or trim it back and really thicken the hemline up?

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time to learn a new skill?

I tried one of my new beanies and even though I liked it from the front, I disliked how it looked from the side.
The underside of the hat bulks up and the end of it pokes out even further than my bun.
I really thought that these beanies would fit me and I would like them.

I guess what I’m really looking for is to hide the “camel hump” of my bun and disguise the massive bulk of it to create the illusion that I’m just wearing a large, slouchy beanie.

Even though I love my hair, some times I really want to conceal it. And when wearing a hat, I want to avoid the look of having a giant tumour growing in the back of my head.

So, how can I avoid that look?
  • I think lifting the bun slightly higher than I normally wear them will allow the beanie to fall in a more “normal” way.
  • I also came up with the idea of wearing a larger version of the “donut” socks used in sock buns. One so large I can wear it over the bun to conceal the difference between my head and the bun. Although this might make my head look abnormally long. And it would probably work better if it was thicker on the “up” side and thinner underneath the bun. (Question: What are those things called? I saw them sold in a horse-sport equipment store once sold as a “valk”. Is that the accepted and recognised term?)
  • The last option is that I should learn to knit. That way I can experiment with the pattern, yarn thickness and fit myself and find something that makes me pleased. I have an idea that a more “seashell” kind of shape would fit over a bun and my head better than the U shape that this beanie has.
Of course I have absolutely no experience with that kind of handiwork myself, ever. Hm?
How hard would it be to learn to knit? Are there instructions for this type of shape out there?