Sunday, 9 October 2011

Time to learn a new skill?

I tried one of my new beanies and even though I liked it from the front, I disliked how it looked from the side.
The underside of the hat bulks up and the end of it pokes out even further than my bun.
I really thought that these beanies would fit me and I would like them.

I guess what I’m really looking for is to hide the “camel hump” of my bun and disguise the massive bulk of it to create the illusion that I’m just wearing a large, slouchy beanie.

Even though I love my hair, some times I really want to conceal it. And when wearing a hat, I want to avoid the look of having a giant tumour growing in the back of my head.

So, how can I avoid that look?
  • I think lifting the bun slightly higher than I normally wear them will allow the beanie to fall in a more “normal” way.
  • I also came up with the idea of wearing a larger version of the “donut” socks used in sock buns. One so large I can wear it over the bun to conceal the difference between my head and the bun. Although this might make my head look abnormally long. And it would probably work better if it was thicker on the “up” side and thinner underneath the bun. (Question: What are those things called? I saw them sold in a horse-sport equipment store once sold as a “valk”. Is that the accepted and recognised term?)
  • The last option is that I should learn to knit. That way I can experiment with the pattern, yarn thickness and fit myself and find something that makes me pleased. I have an idea that a more “seashell” kind of shape would fit over a bun and my head better than the U shape that this beanie has.
Of course I have absolutely no experience with that kind of handiwork myself, ever. Hm?
How hard would it be to learn to knit? Are there instructions for this type of shape out there?


  1. For knitting, there are many, many sources of instruction online. Your local yarn store may also offer classes for beginners, and all of the ones that I know of are also very open to people walking in and asking questions (if you buy their yarn)

  2. Knitting is pretty easy--making a hat is one of the first things you can learn. just do a search online for knitting and find a very simple pattern to follow. I can only say though, from experience, hats with long hair are not easy to make. I had several failed attempts with hats far too small, and I followed the largest size possible--and I have half of what you have.

    The one hat I did find that works well without creating too much bulk is ...shoot, I don't know what it's called! I can find a photo of one though-ok, from what I can see, it's called a 'newsboy' style. Because of the pouching, it allows for a ton of hair to be piled into it--with our without being secure--I can pile a braid into mine or just have it loose, and tuck it up under and the one I have is wool, which surprisingly doesn't irritate me in the winter and keeps me warm. The other option is to find a knitter who can make you that winter hat that is called the ponytail hat---the allows the hair to weave through and you can secure the bun--unless you are going for coverage.

  3. Pony tail hat knitted (pattern is available online and many LHC peeps made this)