Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wednesday the 5th of October

This little Igor is not a happy camper!

Yesterday when I followed hubby to his palaeontology lecture I noticed that my neck felt very tired and sore and I just couldn’t get comfortable sitting staring ahead. I wrote it off as me having overworked my shoulders/neck at the weight training at the gym some hours earlier.
Well, today I woke up to my right side shoulder and neck being so stiff and sore I can hardly look to the right side. Leaning my head forwards or backwards hurts too and the only way I can look without wincing is to the left. Great.

I considered wearing a braid since an updo might not be helping my sore neck, but I went with a Chinese bun. The picture doesn’t do the stick any justice! They’re awesomely cool multi striped sticks I got from Fatamorgana at UTT. Since they are pointy in both ends, they can be classified as double-edged hubby-repellers. Silly hubby has the memory of a moth when it comes to remembering I have sharp object in my hair!

I had a semi-serious meeting with Teacher-friend about starting a blog project together. Afterwards we went shopping. She lives near Nova Lund so I needed to stop by the H&M there. For some reason the H&M in the city centre stopped carrying my usual Sunsilk leave in conditioner much to my disapproval. Anyways, now I’m stocked up on leave in-conditioner for about two months.

It’s really annoying to live in a country where 95% of the hair product seems to be for the thin, fine, volume-challenged Scandinavian hair.
You would think with the high percentage of immigrants in Sweden there would be a market for more “ethnic” hair products, but no.
But then again, you would also think that being almost purebred Danish would give you the same hairtype, but no.

I wanted a good, warm hat to cover my head and bun this winter. Of course being a longhaired weirdo makes it a little more complicated than just “What do I like?”
First of all, it needs to be roomy enough to fit a (big) bun underneath.
Second, it needs to be soft and hair friendly inside.
I found few good candidates in black but according to Teacher-friend, they were the wrong black for me. Who knew that black could be the wrong black? Eh. I didn’t.

So we picked out one in the right black and one that I felt was too brightly turquoise, but she sounded like she knew what she was talking about when she went on about seasons and undertones, so hey, why not? I might get a more interesting wardrobe from shopping with her instead of just my usual “Black comes in more than one tone?”-black and “Blue is blue, right?”

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