Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Random train of thought for the day

I found a strange search today in my statistics:
“longhair bun tail shiny hijab”

First thought: Huh?
Second thought: Did someone forget to hit enter between 3-4 different searches?
Third thought: How did this lead someone to my blog?
Fourth thought: *Checks stats again* …Twice?
Fifth thought: Okay, I have to perform this search myself and see! lol

To answer 3-5… My blog shows up on page 4 when you let Google autocorrect to “long hair bun tail shiny hijab”

Since that didn’t satisfy my curiosity, I poked around on the websites that Google had suggested for me.

One link that made me further curious was http://welovehijab.com/2011/02/18/camel-hump-hijab-style-video/
A thread and discussion on the “Camel hump” style hijab. I watched the embedded video to see if it was interesting or inspiring me in new ways of tying a scarf.
It wasn’t particularly interesting. In fact I thought all the styles were extremely unflattering to the model and most of them gave her a really creepy E.T.-look, but maybe that’s just me?
The discussion below the original post then went on if the “camel hump” is allowed or not since there is a passage in the Quoran speaking against women with “the hair on the top of their heads like a camel’s hump”

I more or less couldn’t care about that.
But, what I found intensely fascinating in this very long (Very, very, very long) discussion on what is modest or not, is that not a single poster mentions the models make-up.

To me, the models makeup definitely crosses over in “slutty”. Obviously fake eyelashes, a ton of mascara, lots of black eyeliner, plenty of eye shadow, obviously drawn up eyebrows and shiny lip-gloss to really set off her mouth.

Maybe I just have a strange conception of “modest” but to me, that would be a bigger issue than the debate on if its correct to stuff your hijab or not. But then again, my reality is that I see a lot of Muslim girls looking like that every day. Skin-tight and skimpy clothes, ridiculously overdone makeup and then a big, stuffed hijab. They don’t exactly make a good example for their religion or the modesty they’re supposed to uphold.

Even though I’m happily agnostic, religious double standards really irritate me.


  1. LOL thats seriously weird... I agree with you though. Long discussion over if the headscarf is modest or correct and she has such a totally overdone makeup?

  2. I'm Christian, but hate this kind of hypocrisy too. Hyper modest groups that overlook immodest behavior or make up or hairstyles... Etc. Even though I don't follow the "modesty rules" I feel plenty modest and maybe they could learn something from throwing out the rulebook.