Saturday, 28 May 2011

Sock bun

Been feeling stuck in a simple braid to braided Nautilus bun-rut for a while. Not that I really mind, I just don’t always feel like doing something fancy with it. Simple braid to a Nautilus is stabile and comfortable.

Anyways, here is a sock bun with three braids wrapped around


  1. I just snuck over here from uTT... (cowgirllong) That is a beautiful updo!

  2. That looks stupendous! I love how nicely the green goes with your hair color. :)

    And here I was the other day wondering what it would be/look like if you tried a fully rolled sock bun style.

  3. Gossamer (LHC username) here. I just gave you a Liebster Blog award in my most recent blog entry because
    1. I love still being able to read about and see pictures of your hairstyles. So very helpful for me
    2. I miss your sensibility and humor over at LHC.