Friday, 26 August 2011

5-stranded braid, third attempt

Today I was going to just try to braid like yesterday for the practise, but I suddenly had an idea that I needed to try.

I split my hair up as shown here:

First I split it in 1 and 2 and pulled the parts in front of my shoulders. Then in 3, 4 and 5. I pulled 1 and 2 backwards and switched 4 and 5 to the front of my shoulders. I braided 1, 2 and 3 like a regular 3-stranded braid, before adding 4 and 5 as a 5-stranded.

It worked pretty well!

So what was the difference from my very first attempt? The sad fact that my hair from ears and down is a lot less dense coarse than the top and that in my first attempt those parts ended up pitifully thin which didn’t help me in the braiding at all.
Of course it also really helps that I’m beginning to get a bit of “feel” for it.

My only complaint would be purely cosmetic, that when I added 4 and 5, it “drowned” the detail of adding 3.

Since hubby and I were going out, I ended up pinning the braid up in a bun. Even though I have never experienced any unwanted touching or too pushy attention, I’m still a bit paranoid about it.

With the 5 stranded braid bunned up, I noticed what must be the biggest difference for me: It was really flat. Usually my 3 stranded braids turn into real “balls” and refuse to lie flat, which is the main reason for my favourite bun being a braided Nautilus.  The 5 stranded bun stayed flat and snug all day. Strange how two extra strands can make such a big difference in a bun!


  1. WOW! That's gorgeous--I'd love to see a youtube video of you braiding your hair--I can never get my strands even so the braid is even/balanced.

    This looks similar to a french braid in a slight way, just at the top--I don't know how you can braid with 5 strands--that nearly killed me (my arms), and my hair is a quarter of your length and half the thickness.

    I also have to say I LOVE your top!!!

  2. Thank you! :) I’ll probably never make a youtube account though. I do find the five strands to be thoroughly annoying, but it gets better as soon as I can bring it in front of my shoulders where I can see what I’m doing.
    I love the top too XD It’s from CTRL and I bought it at a street wear for girls-shop in Copenhagen about two years ago. In the front it has one of those big pockets in blue.

  3. Hahaa--no worries--I just love to see how people do certain styles, but I wouldn't know how anyone posts on youtube ;)

    That top is AMAZING! I'd never seen anything so lovely here--I find that in my area, it's pretty 'mass market' clothing. I love original stuff, and I LOVE the colors of this top :)

  4. I love how you showed ever clearly how you split your hair. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt too! LOVE ^-^

  5. I think I will try it this way! The split makes sense that way

  6. Amazing! Thank you so much for that valuable tips :)