Monday, 22 August 2011

Hemp oil rules!

Yesterday was wonderfully warm and sunny and hubby suggested we took a long walk together. So I put on a T-shirt, shorts and this pair of heel-less sneakers shoes I have. They’re really great when it’s too hot for sneakers and I don’t feel like wearing sandals.
But I overestimated how hot they would become in the sun and the long walk and they started burning my feet. It hurt really bad!
When I came home I sat with my feet in the tub and cold water for like an hour. I limped pitifully and had to nap on the couch with my feet hanging freely over the side. I couldn’t even stand touching the mattress! I hoped they would stop hurting after the nap. They felt skinless, burning, crunchy dry and I could feel 6 blisters developing.
After my nap I ended up on the UTT chat where I whined about my sore feet. Longhairedfairy (At least I think it was her. Let me know if it isn’t so the right one can get credit!) gave me the advice of using hemp oil because it has healing properties. So I sat with my sore feet in a plastic bag with hemp oil for an hour before patting them dry. The hemp oil instantly soothed them and they stopped burning. Such a relief!
So… Hemp oil rules!

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