Thursday, 4 July 2013

Thursday 4/7

I am envious of your Quattro purchase! I think about buying some of his pins every so often. I hope you find a solution for uploading pictures.
Sounds like me! I’ve been eyeing them for years and only now gotten myself together to get some.
I even ended up adding a pair of sticks too:

But yea, the upload… Oh sigh, it’s so much work!
Hey Lady Igor! You can order from Lilla Rose, even though you are here in Europe. We discussed that topic on the German langhaarnetzwerk. If you want a certain Lilla Rose flexi, go to, chose another Flexi of same size and same prize and add a little massage that you would like this flexi to be replaced by the flexi XXX (insert articlenumber here) from Lilla Rose. That works: I even made a custom order like that, combining a centerpiece from Lilla Rose with standard beads from the normal flexi8-homepage. - Me too, I have problems with my imagehost. At the moment I am looking for a new host with an own domain and own webspace. Best wishes from Germany, Heike
Thank you for the information!
I just did that, so now I should have an order coming. I wonder if they will get all my comments right…

A set of these in XL, asking for one to be left-handed and one to be right-handed:

And from Lilla Rose, mega:

A set of these from Lilla Rose in XL with one left-handed and one right-handed:

What do you all think? 


  1. The Flexi8 with pearls is my most favourite one. I have ordered it after 1.5 year of waiting and now it's amazing to have it :)

  2. Awesome! Thank you for telling me :) I find there are huge quality differences in the clips (Seriously, some of them looks like kiddy-beads or something) so I'm very happy to hear that

  3. OMG! I LOVE the pearl one!! I have a mini for small updos with the tree of life...I have NO idea where it is, but I did keep that one. I wish flexis worked better for my needs..well, maybe it's good they don't ;)

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