Saturday, 12 May 2018

Answer to yesterday's pop quiz

So... The border guard confiscated my beloved Ron Quattro U-pin! 

I have now traveled to several countries with it in my hair (So comfortable and lightweight! Perfect for travelling), even to Tenerife with it, but no... I wasn't allowed to leave Tenerife with it in.


The obnoxious and rude woman who confiscated it started telling me that it was way too sharp and could be used as a weapon! 
No way. Those are way too rounded. I would have more luck trying to stab someone with a pen with the cap still on!


So now I'm down one Ron Quattro... Sigh.


  1. Danish female engineer blogger with long hair....obvious terror potential! Let's waterboard her to find out all her secrets!

    1. Obviously... *eyeroll* Sigh. This was depressing!