Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Shopping suggestions for me

I was on Etsy today to check if maybe Ron Quattro was making those cool neon hairsticks again. Did anyone else see those? It seemed they were there for so short, then gone again.

Etsy then started suggesting items from NightBlooming and it hit me: I've never tried any products from there before. Isn't it like a longhair must-have/must try kind of thing?

I mean, it seems someone is always raving about the Panacea salve on the hair forums at all times.

I should try that one, right?
Maybe the sample pack with all three salves?
The scalp scrub and herbal detanglers looks great too. Maybe try a rise? Or a hair tea for drinking?

Anyone? Opinions? What should I try?


  1. I've not dealt with Nightblooming's skin line, but she is the nicest, sweetest person I"ve dealt with!! Ask her some questions and she will answer and she's so fast to help/respond. :) Best of luck!

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  3. I love her products. The thirae and regular panacea are must haves for me. My scalp acne loves the scrub and the panacea is like magic on my ends. If you talk to her she can give recommendations on what she thinks will work best. Though the sample pack would be a good idea as well.

  4. I've tried both the standard panacea and her triple moon oil and I loved both. I need to restock actually! PS: Hello from a reader from a long long time ago. I shaved my head for my 30th this year which was a tiny bit inspired by you ;)