Thursday, 2 June 2016

Throwback Thursday

Ah, I actually miss this style. It was just a scarf pulled through a ponytail-elastic, wrapped around the ponytail and then wrapped up as a cinnamon bun before tying it off.

Now if I try something similar, it beebutts....


  1. Lady Igor I have previously seen the term "bee butts" but don't understand the definition in regard to hairstyle? And why is it considered not attractive?

    1. Well, it's sort of a style in itself:
      (Best video I could find)
      But often it's an undesired effect when you try to make a cinnamon bun: The coils sort of slide apart and the bun becomes longer than it is wide =/

  2. Aaaah now I understand. Thanks for taking time to explain. :-)