Monday, 5 March 2012

Family hair

I just shared this on UTT so I wanted to show my family and their hair here too. I think I’m really lucky with my hair genes! 

Left to right is:
Mother’s mother, age 86. That’s her natural hair colour, a dark brown with lots of silvers.
Mother, age 57. She used to be a honey blonde but went grey and then white. She has more white and grey than my grandmother :D I know she had waist+ length hair once.
Mothers father, age 85. He had very dark brown/light black hair when he was younger.
Yours truly. Looking very brunette in the light!
Father, age 70. (Yes, my dad is only 15 years younger than my granddad) He had light brown hair when he was younger.
I find it interesting that my grandparents who both had very dark hair got a blonde daughter and that no one in my family has even the slightest hint of red that I have. My guess is that it’s a long dormant gene back from my distant Spanish ancestor who made my grandfather so dark and Spanish-looking he would be mistaken for a local in Spain.

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