Wednesday, 8 August 2012

The quest for yoga-hair continues

I had an idea of doing a quick variation of a crown braid where I would start a Dutch braid in one side, braid it down to the neck and then add the other sides hair in one go before wrapping it all the way around my head and secure it with a braided-in scarf.

Basically it would be the lazy, quick version of my double Dutch braid wrap.
This is how it looked from the back. Not as pretty and structured as the double Dutch wrap.

It looked good on the right side.

It looked pretty okay from the side too

It was ridiculously asymmetrical and the left side was huge!

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I felt that my hair was actually heavy and the whole construction felt very unbalanced.
Also, I felt it just looked weird and lumpy.
I was running low on time before the class, so as a last minute solution, I slapped a pre-tied bandanna around it and pulled the tassels up in front of the lumpy braid wrap.

Everything I’ve written so far aside, I actually quite liked it.
At no point during the class did I feel my hair got in my way and I enjoyed knowing I didn’t have my hair directly on the mats. I guess it would be different if you practised yoga at home, but I don’t know how clean the mats are… 


  1. This was the next style I was going to try--but for me it would be a french braid as I find that dutch braid difficult for me.

    However, my concern lies in the asymmetry as well. I thought about two french braids into one braid and then loop the tails, but I do yoga at 9am and that requires the ability to think after being up until 2am the night before.

    My yoga instructor is away this month so no yoga for me :( Just me and the bike and horsies. :D

  2. Aw booh, no yoga for a month =/ I have grown quite fond of this stuff, haha.
    Could your braids survive you sleeping on them so you could do them the evening before?

  3. I know--I'm going bonkers with no yoga, but in a way, it's not too bad as I have shows now on Thursdays every other week which was my yoga morning and wore me out a bit.

    I've tried to sleep in braids, but as I am a bad sleeper to begin with, it just doesn't work. I'm sure I will do them as some mornings I am up early and can fashion together some form of a braid. I'm also wondering if a french braid may work since it's flatter than an english braid.

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  5. Nathalie: Since you apparently couldn’t be bothered to actually read what I wrote in my post at all and you went out of your way to be rude to me in your “helpful” suggestions, I’m going to assume you’re not feeling very good about yourself or your hair and has to bring someone else down to build yourself up. I hope you have a good day, get over your insecurities and will feel better about yourself soon instead of being one of those rude people pushing their mean opinion on others unprovoked for no apparent reason. Kisses!

  6. If google translate is right then OMG how rude! U are way nicer to her than she deserve!! Dont they teach manners in france, Jesus!

  7. I read your psot and Nathalies comment last night before bed but were too tired to reply. Today I see she has removed her comment. lol, I wonder why?

  8. Oh I hated not having my own mat. I got one after about a month of class and felt so much more relaxed on it knowing it was clean.