Monday, 4 January 2016


The sweet and awesome Charlaine contacted me after reading my complaints about breaking my combs and offered to send me a Ouidad double detangler.
So sweet!!

I suggested we did a swap and Charlaine agreed to it. Also I got permission to write about it!

She is also sending me her favourite conditioner: Ultra Doux avocado and shea butter oil.
Sounds good!

I think this one goes under the name "Respons" here?

Looks familiar, right? 
I haven't seen an avocado and shea butter oil one before though! 
So I'm looking forward to try it.

It was a bit difficult to find something Charlaine would be interested in since her hair and scalp is very different from mine, and her skin is every bit of difficult as mine.
Some day I need to find someone who has "normal", easy skin and get them to take my enormous pile of skin stuff that I can't use myself. Haha.
I did find some things in the end though.

All pretty and wrapped up including a card.
I really like swaps so I always put too much effort into wrapping it up and stuff, lol.
I added a little extra thing (Middle package) that I have absolutely no idea if Charlaine will like or not.
Can't wait to hear from her about that!

This is the problem with having everything wrapped up and ready to go: I always find something extra to add!
Cute little handmade chocolates and a scalp scaler that didn't really work for me. It would be nice if it worked for Charlaine, but if it doesn't: No big loss.
That's the beautiful thing about swaps :)


  1. This is beautiful!!!! So nice to see :)

  2. OMG this is cute and sweet beyond words!! I'm eager you get your parcel as soon as possible.
    You just made my day! <3

  3. Het. I've been thinking about the two pics of your skin a few entries below. I've noticed that my skin can be happy and glowy but as soon as the temperature drops to about -4 outside I break out and my skin get angry, this is true even if I haven't actually gone outside but its worse if I've been outside. Recently I figured out that this temperature drop kicks the buildings central heater up a notch, making the air inside a lot drier than usual. Recently I started using something called " cold cream" its something they use at the daycare centers here for the babies to protect their skimnduring the winters. Incidentally, when the temperature drops to ca -4 or when its windy enough for the gusts to equal that temperature when its hits the skin on the face. Since then I handle both the cold outside and the drier air inside without breaking out. Maybe it could be worth a try for you? The one I buy is called Sebamed wind & cold cream and the inci reads: Ethylhexyl stearate, hydrogenated castor oil, cetyl palmitate butyrospermum parkii butter, prunis amygdalus dulcis oil, glycerin, persea gratissima oil
    If you'd like to try it I can send you a tube? I use it as a final layer in my 6 step routine during both days and night and find it works well even with makeup on top as Long as you take care to keep the layer thin during daytime