Friday, 8 January 2016

First monthly trim out of many

I got my pretty Hubby to give me a 3 cm trim. As usual he complained and worried all the time, but still did an awesome job.(He is cute that way!)
He used the Etude tool for the initial trim, then adjusted and trimmed the rest by hand.
3 cm off, right to the millimeter. That set my growth back two months. And next month, I will set it back another two months. Funny thought!
We took a full length picture, but the crappy winter light made it pretty useless, so here's one with the tools, the trimmings and my nice, short tassel.
I absolutely can't tell I lost any length, but my ends feel happy and healthy!


  1. You have a great plan. Remember you could cut to waist and still have absolutely amazing hair.

  2. Well done Hubby!!! I'm sure he worries you will get mad if he cuts it wrong but he did an amazing job! Hope all continues to go well with your trim plan :)