Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Swap, part II

Look what arrived today!

Thank you, Charlaine! 

I have to start off with a complaint from Hubby: He was very disappointed with how much Charlaine had emphasized it was for me only and there was nothing for him.
Hubby then wandered off sulking and muttering something about being treated different for not having "crazy long hair". 

He's a moron but I love him anyways. 
(Also he is so spoiled he has nothing to complain about to begin with)

The drawings are so cute I could barely get myself to destroy the packaging! 

What I received: The Ouidad double detangler, two really nice strong elastics and two Ultra Doux avocado and shea butter oil conditioners!

The comb is enormous!
One thing is when you look it up and see the dimensions listed, it is an entirely different thing to have it in your hand and feel the size and weight of it. 

Everything unpacked.
I'm very much looking forward to try the conditioners. It has a good scent: Sort of warm and fruity. 
Charlaine and I have near similar hairtypes, so it will be very interesting to try one of her favorites!


  1. This is so awesome! Poor hubby though ;)

  2. wow that looks very cool. How does it feel to comb your hair with this comb? I'm curious ^^
    I also hope you'll review the conditionner ^^


    1. How does it feel? Well, odd. Very odd. It's really big and somewhat unhandy, so it will probably take me a while to get used to it. I guess like how it was after I got my first Ric the combmaker-comb? It felt ridiculously big and heavy compared to the plastic combs I used back then. Takes some getting used to!
      I'll review it when I use it :)

  3. If it has the same ingredients (for some reason, INCI lists vary depending on a country) this is a conditioner that is a holy grail for many Polish hair care girls. And we only have a few such products. I can think of two now ;) So it has the potential to be awesome :)
    Recently they added isopropyl alcohol and many people say the conditioner is not so cool now, but still it can be very good :)

    1. oooh. Interesting. And interesting that Poland have so few holy grail products? Then again, I think we have the same problem here up north because most products are for the volume-challenged Scandinavian hair, so...
      Maybe we should organise a cross-country holy grail swap? Send someone in another country your favourite CO-conditioner, favourite deep treatment conditioner, favourite scalp oil, favourite ends-oil, favourite shampoo, favourite elastic, hmm, what else? Could be fun to see and try what other longhairs have available and use?