Friday, 18 May 2012

The Nodosaurus

This is very close to the Ankylosaurus, but since it doesn’t have the “club”, I’m naming it the Nodosaurus.

You need
  • A bandage
  • A plastic bag
  • Conditioner or treatment of your choice
  • Wear something you don’t mind too much getting spills on. I went with my pyjamas

Braid your hair normally down to about shoulder length.

Add conditioner or treatment to the hair and braid it.

Poke a “hole” in the braid around where you started adding the treatment. I have my thumb through here.

Hook the end of the braid up though itself.

Pull a plastic bag over and wrap it around the length.

Wrap the bandage around the bag and up the braid with “normal” tension.

Then wrap over wrapping tightly to encourage the treatment to be distributed and pushed into the braid. Wrap the bandage above the bag as well to make sure that any accidental “spill” will be absorbed by the bandage and not your clothes or bed linen!

It’s more convenient and less heavy than the Ankylosaurus. You will be able to sleep normally while doing a deep conditioning, unless you sleep on your back. 


  1. This is great!! Sadly, I"m a back sleeper so this would never work for me, but it's a great tutorial!

    We bandage horses legs like this ;)

  2. I'm gonna try it! Just one more question: how long must be bandage for knee length hair?

  3. Darkhorse: Hey, maybe it would work with a side braid too? Or maybe it would pull too much?

    Anonymous: I use a standard multipurpose bandage that I’ve used for sprained ankles and wrists before. I guess its 4-5 meter long or so? But I could easily go with something shorter.

  4. Greate idea. Tnx. :)