Friday, 25 May 2012

So how bad is it?

I took this picture of my lazy (Sloppy) braid today. Honestly I think the taper is acceptable. Yes, I do have taper. Yes, the end of my braid is way thinner than the beginning. Yes, I do wish my braid stayed thicker all the way down.
But I don’t think my taper is “unacceptably” high. My taper is pretty much what comes with the natural and unavoidable xx shed hairs per day. I even think my shedding is under normal but since I’ve been growing more or less actively for some 10 years, naturally it results in taper.  
The tassel on the other hand. Yikes, that’s thin and long. The tassel pretty much only consists of the middle part of the 3 parts forming the braid. When I simply can’t braid anymore, I tie if off with an elastic.
I really think that if I went with the reverse U shape I could change that. My theory is that it would result in less braid-length but I would be able to braid further down and it would make the tassel a whole lot thicker. I measured the tassel to around 15 cm and its all from the middle part.
I feel like I’m becoming obsessed with this idea, hah… 

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  1. I think it looks fine, but I totally know how you feel about being obsessed with an idea ;)

    I asked my hair dresser about the sectioning of hair whilst trimming and she said with long hair, it would take far too much off the top if you did that method of trimming. Soooo, if you did do that with your hair, would you not be able to have an even/thick tassel? in essence, would that not make your theory of the sides longer than the middle? If I can remember, when I had my hair trimmed this way, I'm almost positive my braid tassel was thicker, but I'm going back quite a few years now.

    It's quite possible this is just because the ends are thin due to the fact they are the 'oldest' hairs.

    I have a suggestion. Take some old wool and make it uneven----do the reverse U with some wool and see how it works? See if the theory is correct--you'd need a fair amount to mimic your length, but at least wool or any type of yarn, well, you can make mistakes with it ;)