Monday, 28 May 2012

Some inspiration

I was sorting through my fitness folder and found two motivational that I think are pretty fitting when it comes to growing long hair.

It’s not the occasional treatment no matter how fantastic and expensive it is that grows your hair; it’s the persistent daily effort of good habits and not doing any harm.

Seriously, why are people who don’t want long hair or like hair so busy pushing their personal opinions onto those who are happy growing their own hair long? 


  1. This entry is great! I completely agree with you. :)

  2. I never can or could understand why people were always so keen to tell me to cut my hair. I was always like 'why, is it bothering you?". I'm a smarta$$ when it comes to comments because it's MY hair. I guess maybe some people just don't know what else to say???

  3. Thank you Adelina! :)

    *Chuckle* at Darkhorse. Well, IMHO just being smartass is better than people deserve when they stick their noses up your personal business. Seriously, how rude is it to tell someone more or less directly you think they’re ugly?