Thursday, 31 May 2012

Ficcare help please

I have 3 sets of Ficcare that I can’t seem to get any use out of.
(Yikes, that is 252 USD worth of hair toys I don’t use!)

 Some years ago I could wear them for cinnamon buns

But then cinnamon buns lost their stability and I started using them with braided buns

Then the braided buns lost their stability too and that was pretty much the end of me using them.

I have tried an experiment to see if a crown wrap would work

Slightly messy in the back because it was just a quick attempt. I could make it look sleeker if I braided it to the side to begin with I think?

But I guess it doesn’t matter how it looks in the back because it looked huge from the front!

I tried holding a Figure 8 bun with one and it looked good from the back but…

...It gapes uselessly over most of the bun and looks ridiculous from the side

I tried one in each Figure 8 last I made doubles, but even that they are too small for!

I mean, Ficcares are even almost too small for just gaping over my base braid!

(Okay, this is a “Fakkare” from Evita Peroni, but the statement still stands)

I thought of putting them up on the trading board alongside the Hairsense brush that doesn’t work for me at all: It just “slips” over my hair without getting through to my scalp. (Figures that the brush would be a disappointment too!)

But I can’t get myself to do that. They blue and green ones are flaking and peeling along the edges and I’m generally not very impressed by them. “The Rolls-Royce of hair clips”? Hah.

I did get double Ficcares to work for holding a rosebun, but they also almost drown out the details of the bun.

I got a single Ficcare to hold a braided Nautilus 1-1½ year ago, but it wasn’t completely comfortable or stabile.

Maybe I could use doubles to hold the centre first and then slip the outer coils around the Ficcares later?

Now that I’ve gone digging through my old photos I found an old favourite I haven't done in ages: The “horseshoe bun” or “super flat bun”

I wonder why I stopped doing these? I really can’t remember. Hmm? 

Annoying picture-spam aside, I guess tomorrows hair-plans are to give the braided Nautilus a shot and see if I can hold it with one or two Ficcares. And if not, see if the “horseshoe” bun still works.
Anyone have another style that might work?  


  1. Wow ! I'd like to have some ficcares but I just can't choose one. And my hair is too short é__è

    I'm not sure, but maybe a big gibson tuck would work with a ficcare to hold it ? (By braiding the ends if you have too much hair ?)

  2. I found these ones :
    I think it would like good with a ficcare (or a comb)!

    1. The second one of those is tucked braided pigtails on just past shoulder length hair:

      Not so easy for knee length I'd imagine...

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  4. Maybe flatter buns will work with it, like the Vortex bun. There is a really pretty version of it done with three 2 strand rope braids.

  5. I bought ficcares from a trade board and loved mine, even though one was a bit damaged. I said I could care less as she reduced the cost--perhaps people in your area would feel the same way if you planned to sell them?

    I never found ficarres like this worked--the ficarrisimo worked better for me--probably because I find the latter one is more even so it secures any hair style better. Course, my hair is a quarter of your length and half the thickness.

  6. Hmm... the only style I can think of that would be simple enough to work as an everyday style and at the same time not require a tightly wrapped or braided length creating density that would be hard for the ficcare to handle would be a ropebraided length turned into a figure 8 bun. Maybe that could work?
    Or perhaps securing the braided nautilus with two ficcares pointing in opposite directions? Anyway good luck! I hope you find a style that works for you :)

  7. What if you used them differently by inserting the back part like it was a hairstick? So you might poke it through the outer coils of a cinnabun, instead of just clipping it over the side?

  8. hm I realize I need to clarify what I meant, I meant that perhaps the ficcares would work in a braided nautilus if both held the middle like you would a hair stick, but instead use two, pointing in different directions. Sorry if my descriptions are still a little muddled, I need more coffee :)

  9. I like the “horseshoe bun”. (I think I may give it a go, if my tailbone length hair is long enough.)
    If it is comfortable and stable, then you have found the solution to your problem on your own. ;)
    Super Clips ( can hold more hair than the Maximas style. Unfortunately, the choice of colours is quite limited. Have you looked into these?

    1. About your border Ficcare clips flaking along the edges... Well, I have a blue one and it does that too... I would not buy clips from the Border collection again. However, the Lotus collection have a better finish, although the design is not for everyone...