Friday, 1 June 2012

Ficcare attempt no. 1

I gave the braided Nautilus bun a shot with the Ficcares. First I tried the centre held version but that one felt extremely uncomfortable and was really asymmetrical (Something I try to avoid since an asymmetrical updo always ends up pulling or being uncomfortable sooner or later)
My best shot was this one…

Even though it looks acceptable, the Ficcares were forced open so hard to fit over the bun that the ends were pushed into my scalp and felt uncomfortable within minutes.
I took them out and put a Ketylo set in instead.

Thank the Follicle-gods for my awesome readers who gave me so many ideas! It’s wonderful to have tips and styles ready to try. I will try more tomorrow! 


  1. It's possible you have just out grown the needs of ficarres due to your length. I think the sticks look great for your styles.

    I love hair sticks, but with my lifestyle, they just don't work.

  2. I’m afraid of it, but I would like to give it some tries before packing them up. I’m definitely not going to trade them away… They shouldn’t rust or be destroyed anyways, so why not just save them? Maybe some day I’ll cut back to a length where they will be useful to me again?
    I love hair sticks too but my Hubby is seriously a moron when it comes to remembering I have sharp objects in my hair! I fear for his eyes! LOL