Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Awesome beauty-haul

Seriously the best skin mask I have tried, ever. It left my skin feeling absolutely clean and soft. Wonderful stuff. I recommend it warmly (Just remember not to put it on too thinly or it becomes difficult to peel off)

Limited edition “Into the ocean” of Davidoff’s Cool Water. It was a major nostalgia trip for me. The ordinary version was “my” scent (Along with millions of others) in the mid 90es until it was replaced with CK one (Along with millions of others). The limited edition is a bit more spicy and fresh, so this was instant love.

Wonderful body lotion for my sensitive skin. It’s not too light and not too heavy either, so I will try the facial line soon too.

A bag friendly water spray for the skin. Absolutely a must-have for the beginning summer heat!