Saturday, 27 May 2017

Charcoal detox

I was sick a lot in April. It was pretty scary to me. First it was bad stomach, then fever, coughing, more fever and more coughing, then more fever and coughing again. 
It was a pretty scary experience, because it felt like whatever I did, I just couldn't shake it. 

There's a lot of "detoxes" out there on the internet, but using activated charcoal to detox seems like a potentially inoffensive idea. One of those "Can't really hurt, can it?"-things. Hubby and I did a quick five day detox using it.
The taste of the charcoal itself brings out a vague memory of faceplanting in sand as a small child (Before being old enough to worry about who or what might have used the sandbox as a bathroom)

But we ended up adding some carrot, ginger and apple which should be good for the liver (Everything is good for something, isn't it? Seems like any fruit or vegetable will be used for some sort of shot) which made it slightly sweet.

It wasn't bad. I don't think it did anything bad for us, but I'm not entirely sure it "detoxed" anything either. We would probably try it again some time though.


  1. The reality of illness is about germs. I think you take public transit to work, which is festering with nasty viruses. Washing hands and not touching your face are the two best ways to prevent illness. I got VERY ill many years ago--H1N1, and was sick for a whole month. After that, I began washing my hands almost to a point where they got chapped in the winter. I did not get a head cold for 9 YEARS. I got a few stomach bugs, but only 2 in those 9 YEARS.
    The other factor that will make your immune system weak is stress. If you are over tired, not eating well and your body is run down, that will make your immune system not function as well. Having a detox, in all honesty, can stress your system more--depending on the detox. When I want to boost my immune system, I cut out fast foods, fatty foods and eat all natural foods----veggies, fruits and the key for me--sleep. Good quality, eight hours of sleep.
    I hope you feel better soon!!!

  2. Charcoal typically only helps for diarrhea :D It's a common medicine for that where I live.