Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Status report: Tired.

Yep, that's pretty much it. I'm tired.

I know I've been whining about this before, but... Damn.

Work and studies are kicking my ass, more than expected. But I've been feeling tired for months, even before I started my current course.
I think the reason is that we skipped the "usual" vacation around February-ish.

End of January, all of February and the beginning of march is the time of the year I hate the most. Especially February. The cosiness of Christmas and the fun of new years is over, and spring is sometimes very, very far away depending of the weather. It's just cold and grey and nasty and depressing and you can't even tell what time of the day it is, because often there isn't even a hint of brightness in the sky to tell you where the sun should be.
It's a time of the year that just drains my mental batteries until it feels like I'm just running on pure willpower and spite. I hate it.

And this year we made the mistake of not running off to somewhere warm and awesome for a week. I feel like I have just drained my batteries to a point where even summer slowly creeping in can't really refill them.
Or maybe it's the fact that my last actual vacation was back in September. But since it was a family-vacation on Læsø, it really wasn't a proper vacation. Fun yes, and a nice family tradition, yes, but a real relaxing vacation no.

(In Danish)

(In Not-used-to-speaking-English)

The last proper vacation was... Back in April 2018 on Tenerife? Yikes.

We have planned a week of vacation with friends in July, which I'm very much looking forward to. And of course there is another week on Læsø with my family this year again.

But what I want is pools, palm trees and fresh fish by the ocean side.

I have learned from my mistake and already ordered next years vacation: Two weeks on Fuerte Ventura in the end of January and beginning of February. It actually fits perfectly in before my next university course, so this is perfect.

I'll see if I can do other little things to unwind before that...

I'm on the hunt for a new spa. I wasn't impressed with the one I went to at all, and they are very pushy to sell your their products. Like, if your products were half as impressive as you claim, I would automatically want to buy them if your treatments impressed me. Duh. So a spa-treatment that should be fun and relaxing, is ended with an annoying and stressful salesman's speech.
Thank you, next.

My skin is really unhappy because I'm unhappy, and that makes me even more unhappy.
I really should put a little more effort into my skin though. It's a good little unwind-ritual...

At least my hair doesn't care. Good, old hair.

I'm considering getting this LED facial mask: Dr Dennis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro
It's very pricey, but it will be a step up from my hacked Neutrogena mask that I use and like. It's a nice and relaxing little treat to "shut myself in" behind that thing and just ignore the world for a while.
There is also a smaller eyes-only mask intended to reduce eye wrinkles, but I'm not so interested in that one.
Does anyone have any experience with either of them?
Most thorough reviews I find seem a little suspicious to me.

Also considering getting this: Foreo UFO
It's funny, I've noticed that one before but found it a little dumb. But now I realized that this is basically made for what I use my mostly unemployed Foreo Luna 2 for: For massaging essences, serums and lotions in.
Hm, why not get the device that was actually designed for doing just that then?

Right now, all of that is sitting in my wishlist, but it got me thinking: I have never really wanted anything ridiculously expensive for my hair.
For tools and toys, I'm such a minimalist that I don't even want the expensive stuff. It's usually overdecorated and not my style at all.
For products, I always find myself being suspicious, because there is only so much you can really do with a haircare product.
I've seen products boasting stuff like caviar, and I always think hah, like that can do something that good old panthenol can't?

But then again, maybe it could be fun to try?
Why not try some ridiculously expensive brand name conditioner?


Or maybe a Mason Pearson brush (That I will then never, ever use because I brush maybe once a year, and then only to get rid of some flakes)?

Or maybe a Russian amber conditioner? Or a white truffle conditioner?
(lol and more lol)


...Yea, that's not going to happen. 


  1. Well I understand your motivation for work and study...but perhaps you just need to have a period of sabbatical? Not easy to schedule of course...in any event be well. ♥

    1. I have already signed up for next part starting in October, but I do have a full week off to go on vacation with friends before that... And some months where I only have work and nothing else :)

  2. I actually don't know anybody who works as much as you do, please be careful that you don't burn out. Feeling as tired as you do sounds like a warning sign to me. Of course, Northern Europe winters don't really help with all our darkness and dampness, there's not enough sunlight. I guess your typical February vacation was a major recharger in that term.

    Sounds like the time for a proper long vacation is way to far in the future, so a nice day somewhere where you can relax, maybe if just for an hour or two would be good. You mentioned Spas... maybe also look for something like thermal baths, saunas, aestheticians, etc. I love a good afternoon soaking in the thermal bath here, the warmth is so relaxing and the minerals actually calm my skin.

    1. That just make it sound worse XD But now that I think of it... Yea. I mean, hubby put his foot down this new years and wanted me to stay under 50 hours/week. I immediately signed up for school to get around his work hours ban... And then still couldn't keep the promise.
      I guess this is the DnD "Wisdom versus intelligence" argument. I'm smart, but not wise? Also I think this is because I have succeeded at "Way over my head" too many times, so... Why not try again? Meh.
      Do you have any tips for how to spot a good spa? I've been looking around, but I can't really tell which ones would be good. So far my only point is that a spa offering a back facial is probably a good idea because it's literally the only part of my skin I can't inspect and treat so easily.
      (When we are going to Læsø we will go to a pretty famous spa where they scrub you with amber or sea salt and wrap you in mud lol. Looking forward to that!)

    2. I don't have a real tip for finding a good one, other than having asked for recommendations. I do find though that good ones usually have a smaller list of treatments, they won't over your different massages from all over the world, but stick to a couple of working ones.
      I actually never had a back facial, although I do have problem skin on my upper back that still breaks out and has pigmentation spots from acne. Got me the idea to ask my cosmetician about options for one when I see her next. Can't wait for it, two horrible weeks at work and my skin shows it badly.

    3. Hm. That is actually a very good tip! Looking around at what options I have, it seems there is a huge difference in how many (and how different!) treatments they offer. It seems a lot of the places just try to hit a market, any market, instead of sticking to what they do well.
      Thank you!
      Maybe you can get your cosmetician to do a back facial as well? I actually quite like that one. It seems to be a general trouble area for a lot of people. And ugh, I feel you <3 Big hug!