Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Hello 2019!

2018 was awesome.
Seriously awesome.
Totally and completely overwhelming at times, but still awesome.

Some career options fell into place for me. I even had an unexpected freelance option fall into my lap!
Even though I haven´t done much work for the firm (Like, maybe 100 hours in total?), it´s a very good name to be able to drop.

I even went back to university to follow a course for a semester!
It's not something I can actually "do" anything with, but it looks amazing on my CV and it gave me a lot of experiences with studying and working at the same time that I can use for the next round.
This was totally a bonus objective for 2018.

I made a clear and simple plan for 2018 and I followed through.

My general life priority list for 2018 was
1. Work #1 (You just don't get many opportunities like this one in life!)
#NailedIt #Awesome #Girlboss #Lifeonfleek #Etc #Tired_stereotypical_nonsence #Yougetthepoint

2. Work #2 (I would like to squeeze a bit of this one into my schedule too) 
#NailedIt #Awesome #Girlboss #Lifeonfleek #Etc #Tired_stereotypical_nonsence #Yougetthepoint

3. Sleep (So basic, but so important!) 
Ehhhh....... Yea.... No.... I think I spent most of 2018 being sleep deprived as hell, so this one was a total fail. 

4. Self care (Stress management and quality of life and all that...) 
This was actually less of a fail. I think I managed to take pretty good care of myself, except that I just haven´t slept enough.

5. Be a good wife (Maybe we could arrange a date night once a week or something. I just know I will end up neglecting hubby with this schedule) 
#NailedIt #Awesome #Girlboss #Lifeonfleek #Etc #Tired_stereotypical_nonsence #Yougetthepoint
In all seriousness here, I think I did pretty good. Even though I was away for work so much, I managed to plan and prioritize the time we had together and we did a lot of fun things this year.

6. Blog (Guess this could be put in as a sub-section under #4?) 
I don´t think I did too bad? What do you guys say?
1. Pay off debt (Both hubby and I have student loans) 
I no longer have any student loans. Mr. Igor has a little bit left, but he is okay with paying it off bit by bit and I don´t push the issue.

2. Renovate
This one will be pushed to 2019...

3. Save up money in stocks and pension
My pension could use a little more work, but my stock portfolio is happy and healthy!

4. Travel. 
Our "big" trip was to Tenerife, which was awesome even though they confiscated my Ron Quattro in the airport. But we also went to Læsø, Denmark and saw a lot of things in Skåne, Sweden. We actually made really good use of our small amount of free time together.
So. Onto 2019!

In 2019 I am going back to university for more. This time to follow two "real" courses that results in  diplomas.
I am super excited about this! This is something I have wanted to for years, but when you can count on one hand how many weeks of 2018 you were under 36 work hours, it seems impossible.
This year I have decided to just go for it. See if I can make it work. Plan around school hours. Shuffle work around to fit my plans better.
First step is a small course of just 10 ECTS points this spring, but I will commit two a 60 ECTS points, two year degree starting this autumn.

My general life priority list will be:
  1. Work #1 (You just don't get many opportunities like this one in life!)
  2. Going back to university for more!
  3. Work #2 (I would like to squeeze a bit of this one into my schedule too. It looks so good on my CV)
  4. Sleep (I failed the crap out of this one last year, so maybe I should move it up higher?)
  5. Self care (Stress management and quality of life and all that...)
  6. Work #3 (I would like to squeeze in a few hours here and there. Luckily it's not that heavy on the workload and actually kind of fun)
  7. Be a good wife (Maybe we could arrange a date night once a week or something like we did this year. I just know I will end up neglecting hubby with this schedule)
  8. Blog
My economic priority list will be:
  1. Save up money in stocks and pension
  2. Renovate
  3. Travel
  4. Get rid of Mr. Igor's student loan (This is his own business and I don´t meddle, but it would be nice to get rid of)


  1. You are an excellent teacher and role model.
    As far as blogging, it was a great year of work by you...you educate and inspire many.
    Rock on in 2019! It is an honor to be your blog follower!

    1. Thank you so much :) My blog has been a constant guilty conscience for me this year, so I'm very happy to hear that!

  2. Happy new year, Ida!

    It's cool that you go back to university despite having an intense workload already, I don't think I could do it. And blog-wise, I think you did very, very well!

    1. Happy new year!
      Well, yea, I can't really say it has been fun at all. I certainly wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and I don't like to be used as the "If she can do it, so can you"-example that some real life friends did. I've had way too many days feeling constantly miserable and stressed out this year. For a few months, my highest wish was being able to go to bed without knowing I've set that #¤%&/ alarm clock. But... The payout in the end is awesome. "Do something today your future self will thank you for" and all that.

  3. What does CV mean? Is that like a resume? I can't imagine how you fit 3 jobs in plus school plus home life---do you have any down time/fun time? That's important too! :)
    Happy New Year!!

    1. Happy new year to you too!!
      Curriculum Vitae, so yes a resume :)
      The sad truth is... Uh. I don't really have a lot of downtime. It's usually planned months in advance too.
      Actually I found myself having a strange counter reaction to being so busy: "Dammit, work. You don't get to be the boss of me all the time!" that I PLANNED doing things with friends, even when I would probably be better off mentally spending the day watching trashy TV on the couch in my bunny onesie with pizza stains on it.

    2. You are smart!!! At least you had some fun time with friends! And of course!! CV!! I've heard of that I just blanked of course. :D I hope you do spend the occasional day in the bunny onesie with pizza stains on it! :D

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