Sunday, 27 January 2019

Foreo Luna 2 vs. BeGlow Pura vs. investing in a new Clarisonic model

Foreo Luna 2
The good stuff
Bacteria-unfriendly silicone
Backside of device can be used for massaging and working serums into skin
Surprisingly good grip despite being a smooth egg shape

The bad stuff
It felt like it was really bad at getting into "corners" like around the nose, probably because of the smooth shape and the short bristles
Strong vibrations that felt more like a massage than the gentle, buzzing cleanse I was used to from the Clarisonic

BeGlow Pura 
The good stuff
Bacteria-unfriendly silicone
The "brush" head can be detached and replaced
Really good grip on this thing because of the strange shape
Strong vibrations that might be good for massaging and encouraging blood flow. Might be really good for working a mud mask into skin?

The bad stuff
It looks like it has a little "stand", but it tips over instead. It has to be placed "brush" side up, which gathers water in the edges to the "brush" head
Seriously strong vibrations that made my teeth rattle (!)

Investing in a new Clarisonic model?
The good stuff
Gentle buzzing cleanse 
Good at getting into "corners"

Well, I honestly just prefer the Clarisonic still....

The bad stuff
Plastic (?) brush heads that needs replacing
Unappealing business practices of discontinuing models often
Not sure how to find the brush head that fits my (Discontinued) model

Foreo Luna 2: I will probably bring this for travelling, since this seems like a decent cleansing device and it doesn't have bristles that bends or get dirty
BeGlow Pura: I have the idea that I will use this to massage mud masks into my skin. Maybe massaging oil into my skin too?
New Clarisonic model: I will hold this off for a while and instead look into finding replacement brush heads for the one I have

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  1. For anyone who has a Clarisonic and the rechargeable battery has aged out and won't hold enough charge.
    You can replace the battery pack, it's somewhat difficult to get the halves of the housing apart, but I've done it. Of course the product was designed to be thrown away not repaired but I enjoyed saving one from the trash.
    Here's how I learned this - go to YouTube and search on "repair Clarisonic battery"