Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Thoughts on the spa thing

I went to the spa like I talked about a while back and I have a few thoughts I wanted to share. I didn't hate it, but i didn't love it either. It had some good things and bad things.

The positive
It was a pretty relaxing experience. From the second I stepped inside, it had a calming atmosphere. Nice and clean without feeling sterile, and with a bubbly water thing making little noises.
The treatment itself made me feel like "Okay, so you paid for this and now you're stuck in this warm and pleasantly scented room with calming meditation music in the background while the nice lady works on your skin... You can't get to your phone or tablet and do anything useful anyways, so you might as well just relax and wait for it to be done with", so I just let my mind drift off. That was nice.
Like forced meditation, although that sounds negative. Only you get a spa treatment while you're at it.

The negative
I didn't like the spa package itself. I actually figured I wouldn't, but the treatment combinations seemed like a good choice to check out the place and the skin therapist.
I had also expected more usage of tools: Steam appliances, extractor tools, some sort of brush or pad or something. Anything. Instead she used her hands and a single spatula for the facial masks. Somehow that felt odd, but maybe it's because I have so many tools myself?
(Let's see: Extractor tools, LED light mask, steam appliance, three different electric brushes, manual brushes and more spatulas and brushes than I probably know of)

However, in general I liked it enough to book another time. First free day where I don't have anything else planned: The end of next month (Now I made myself feel sad) Going to try something else next time though...

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  1. The spa looks nice, but I know that feeling... I'm much happier with my monthly visits to my aesthetician, she doesn't do anything else and she is awesome. My skin looks and feels so much better and healthier since I started going nearly two years ago, worth every penny.
    My lady mainly uses Reviderm, in their "system" there aren't steamers, but I usually get a microdermabrasion, ultrasound or iontophresis treatment, so all using gadgets. In the rare case that I get an acidic massage there won't be tools and she uses her hands for extraction.

    If you have any near you, maybe try out skin therapists/aestheticians not associated with a spa, from my experience they are using more tools. I love them, for me it's part of the relaxing feeling to have all these different sensations. Especially when the aesthetician applies masks with different types of brushes later on it feels heavenly.