Tuesday, 13 December 2011


I went to bed last night with super greasy hair. Decided I just couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.
I woke up to something really upsetting. Those who are members at UTT can read about it here.

After things had been “solved” I headed for the shower to clean the grease ball. It felt like such a huge task to clean the disgusting mess with conditioner only!
So for the first time this year, I reached for a bottle of shampoo.
I went with Franck Provost because it looked cone free. I’ll admit I’m not an ingredient expert, but what I could see it didn’t contain any.
I figured using a cone free shampoo followed with a heavy deep treatment would work well.
My hair felt awful after the shampoo! Dry, cranky and tangly.
It made me realise why they put cones in shampoo and wonder how I could shampoo my hair 2-3 times a week and think it felt good!
Then I mixed up a treatment using some leftovers: Garnier Respons with avocado oil and shea butter (Far right) and Elvital volume collagen
And filling up with a bit of Franck Provost expert repair conditioner. Left it in a Sexysmurf for about two hours.

My hair felt really good afterwards, but I’ll have to keep an eye on my scalp to see how it reacts!


  1. Question: did you stop using shampoo for your hair needs or your scalp needs or both?

    I know you use cone products in conditioners, no? I always found any shampoo with no cones in it made my hair feels as if I'd washed it with sand. to me, having that slip just helps the soap clean the hair.

    I tried the conditioner only and omg, my head was not a happy camper ;)

  2. Neither! I started going CO because I couldn’t see who I should use harsher methods (shampoo) when I could clean my hair 99% as well with gentler ones (Conditioner)

    My scalp has seemed perfect fine up until a month ago, never had any issues at all ever, which is actually pretty weird when my facial skin is… Well, being a giant, pain-in-the-ass, temperamental bitch just waiting for any reason to get mad at me and break out.

    And yes, I use cones in conditioner and leave in conditioners :)

    Isn’t cone free shampoo “classified” as clarifying? I think those are notoriously harsh…

    Funny how some peoples perfect methods and products can be absolutely disastrous for other!

  3. Wow! That's fascinating. I don't think cone free shampoos are clarifying. I use clarifying shampoos and they always leave my hair soft , shiny and very happy. But, like you said, it's amazing at how 1 product can make someone's hair happy, and another can make it a total disaster :)

    It's funny because my coach said she sometimes washes her hair with conditioner only (we had this discussion on when do you really get time to wash your hair since we are always at the barn), and she said she'd do a conditioner wash to remove sweat. I said I'd tried that once and ewwww, not a good thing, but I also have a very oily scalp/skin, so I think that's why.

  4. Odd, in here the Repair Expert shampoo and conditioner have no cones. Maybe they have a different formula there...

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