Thursday, 15 December 2011

Shock, awe and a recommendation

I’ve been hunting for argan oil for some weeks now. The magical oil that seems to be the biggest hype among my fellow longhairs at the moment.

The main problem has been the price. Even mixed products with just a small amount of argan oil is ridiculously expensive. Well, of course “ridiculously expensive” is very subjective, but being a long haired weirdo has made me really aware of prices. Why would I use a 200 kroner conditioner when a 20 kroner one is just as perfectly good at making my hair glossy and soft?

The argan oil prices make me cringe.

I’ve been searching the net for a few weeks both on Swedish and international sites and came to the conclusion than 50 ml goes for around 200 kroner. That’s 244 Swedish kronor, 35 USD and 27 Euro.

Today I looked at a Danish online health shop called Duft og Natur that I have ordered from a lot in the past. I really like that shop. They have good prices and have been effective and friendly to me. Of course now that I live in Sweden, I have a problem with shipping from them since they don’t ship outside of Denmark. Pout.

I poked around a bit and had one of those moment where you feel you should have a sound effect in the background with screeching tired and glass shattering.

They have an organic argan oil for 99,75 kroner. For 100 ml!!

I could barely believe my eyes. That’s a quarter the price of the other products I have considered ordering! I ended up calling the place and asked if it really was a pure product and got confirmed that yes, that is in fact a pure argan oil… 100 ml for 99,75 kroner!
That’s 121 Swedish kronor, 17,5 USD and 13,4 Euro.

Is it just me or is that really, really cheap?

I ordered 3 bottles.

Yep, 3.


I’m now anxiously awaiting the package to arrive at my parents’ home in Denmark so they can send it to me
So consider this a hot recommendation to everyone reading this; All Danes and everyone who knows a Dane who could send it to them! At this price, even with shipping it would be cheaper than the vast majority of options out there.


  1. Is Argan oil the same as the moroccan oil? I had my hair dresser use the moroccan oil on my hair, but it left it staticky and flat. My sense was it was loaded with cones too. I'm curious to know how argan oil works. :)

  2. Darkhorse: Moroccan oil is a brand rather than a pure oil - it's a mix of argan oil and 'cones among other things. :)

  3. Yep, what Anonymous said :) They had me fooled for a while though!
    As far as I’ve figured, argan oil is one of those super oils that deeply penetrates and adds shine. I’m very much looking forward to try it and see if it really lives up to the hype.

  4. Thanks--let me know how it works --I'm interested for sure :) I didn't like the Moroccan oil, but I find I use less cones in the winter--my hair needs them more in the summer months :)

  5. Glad you found a great price. Please keep us informed how you like it I love Amla and Brahmi oil, plus Camillia oil is great for my hair.

  6. Wait, argan oil does penetrate? Yay! Now I don't have to suffer through coconut oil anymore! :D

  7. Wow too bad I dont know any danes lol