Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nightblooming haul

Edited because Blogger ate most of the post?

Rusalki Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner 
Eilistraee Colorless Herbal Hair Conditioner 
Genasi Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner 
Devas Fairy Herbal Hair Color and Conditioner

These should be good for boosting my red tones!
I did however ask Nightblooming if I could add extra conditioner afterwards (Both to get enough treatment volume to cover my hair and to make sure I got a weak enough watercolour effect and not actually a dye). Nightblooming says I can add my chosen conditioner to the mix after I have finished mixing the treatment according to instructions, yay!

Sunlit Meadow Herbal Rinse for Light Hair
Forest Glade Herbal Rinse for Dark Hair
Miruvor Long Hair Herbal Tea

I'm really looking forward to trying a good final dip/rinse! They can work wonders for adjusting acidity and adding shine.

This cassia smells so yummy! It has a completely different smell from any other cassia I've ever tried: More like peas than that sort of "dusty" smell I've had so far.

Ostara's Hair Salve
Freya's Hair Salve
Panacea's Hair Salve
And at the bottom Thriae Scalp Scrub
I could not manage to open the scalp scrub for the photos, lol!
Neither Hubby or I could get it open, but luckily Nightblooming is awesome at answering questions and said "Sounds like some of the sugar and honey gummed it up a bit. you could try running warm water over where the lid meets the container or give it a soak in warm water (the labels are waterproof, but I'm not sure how well they take to soaking)".
It's now open and it smells heavenly!

Ostara's Hair Salve This one has a sort of herbal smell. I guess it's the horsetail and thyme?
Freya's Hair Salve Lavender yum!
Panacea's Hair Salve I can't really place the smell. I guess it's the Rooibos infusion that is unfamiliar to me?

I'm really picky with my teas, so I only got the sample size of the Miruvor long hair tea.
But I will definitely get more: This thing is great!
It has a herbal flavour with some sweetness to it. Really good, just the kind I like.


  1. Ohhh, how did you like your Miruvor? :D

    1. Blogger ate most of the post *groan*
      It's really good! A very balanced kind of herbal flavour and a little bit of sweetness to it :) I can definitely see myself getting more of it!

  2. Hi Lady Igor! I went through your haul and saw that you bought a rinse for light hair AND a rinse for dark hair. I meant to ask you about those. Do they deposit any color? Do you plan to change your color up a bit?
    Are rinses in general meant to be conditioning? It's hard for me to get that, since they are powder (that you dissolve in water)? To think of it, I'd like to temporary darken my hair. I started having this light streak at the nape, and it doesn't look nice in a braid (pokes out from nowhere).

  3. Hi. Please do you know what happen to untamedtresses, I was away for a while and have not been able to find out what happened. Thank you

    1. We came here with the same question, I see.

  4. No updates for a long while, hope you are well, enjoy Christmas and prosperity and good health in 2017.

  5. Humming bird: Hope u r fine. Not heard from you for a long time.

  6. I'm sure Ida is fine and just busy with life :) I think she'd mentioned here some blog posts back she got another work contract. I figured she's been just so busy working, she doesn't have time for updates. I'm sure she's ok :D

  7. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful haul!!
    -- Asequui

  8. May I go off topic?
    Do you know what happened to the UTT forums? I tried to go back today after several weeks of absence (I've been inactive for... I guess a few years, but I checked in from time to time and the last time I logged in and looked at a few threads was I think several weeks ago) and it says that the address is for sale... Google search shows no results. Was it deleted? Was there a server crash? :(

    1. I'm asking myself the same question. It's been a couple of months now. It already happened last year, when they forgot to renew the site, but it didn't last that long. I'm wondering if the site is finished for good. It makes me sad, I really liked it there.

  9. Yes I was a bit worried it seemed like Igor's blog and UTT went down nearly at the same time, I know there's no obvious connection. Would like to see that everyone is OK.