Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Life and such

Autumn is becoming winter up here in the north, so now my scalp and skin is upset over the changing temperature and humidity.

Winter season also means a lot of (bullshit) social obligations. I don't know why winter/Christmas approaching means that every single person you barely saw the rest of the year suddenly wants to see you.
This little introvert does not approve.

One cool thing I've found though: The Royal bun actually goes well for both work and parties.

I simply add some leave in conditioner to the loose strands to give them more structure and make them look deliberate, and some false lashes and I'm fairly good to go.
Saves me lots of time!

Just to demonstrate: False eyelashes on my left side (Viewers right) 


  1. Some snow! (we've not had any yet here) Beautiful pics both outdoors and the royal bun. ♥

  2. I heard that snow came to Germany, Sweden and Finland! We had snow in October, but it didn't fall in my area. I always get my snow tires on at the end of October given the locations I drive (farm areas), but we have yet to see the white stuff. In fact, I was out in my birkenstock sandals and capri pants today ;) But, alas, our snow will be coming for next week.

    Love these photos!! and your hair is amazing--my Royal bun was a royal fail. It looked so scrawny and skinny next to yours. But it held very well!!! I'll have to attempt it again ;)