Wednesday, 9 November 2016

You know you're a vaguely creepy endearing weirdo when...

..When you recognize a fellow longhair's favorite conditioner and just have to get it.

Thank you for introducing me to this one, Charlaine. This really is good stuff!

Sincerely, Buckethead

PS: Still loving my heat cap!


  1. Hi Lady Igor! Do you use the conditioner by itself, or do the SMT (or similar) treatment? I tried SMT treatment once with pretty good results, but there are several things I didn’t like about it – mixing the ingredients (conditioner, honey, aloe Vera gel) was a tiny bit inconvenient, plus I think it clumped a little bit since I used microwave; the bath tub was ridiculously slippery after washing the treatment out; and I am not a fan of two-step showers. I bought a bunch of hair masks to try from different brands, but I realize that they do the same (or similar) job as the SMT, but are much more expensive.
    Also, a question on the heat cap – how hot does it get? Do you have any side effects like a headache after using it?

    1. I'm allergic to aloe vera (Specifically something in the aloe vera plant's skin) so I've never used the SMT :) They never list if aloe is pressed with or without skin, so it's too much of a gamble for me to deliberately use aloe vera.
      Personally I never liked too much "kitchen witch" work. I'm just too lazy, especially when I can easily buy a ready made treatment that will give me the same result! I can find other things to do with my time, you know?
      This particular heat cap heats up to 70 degrees celsius, so in my opinion it gets too hot. So I wear a hat underneath it to distribute and buffer the heat. I don't actually get headaches as such, but after some hours I do get a sort of "tired" feeling in my head and neck, probably a combination of the combined weight and that my follicles are pulled the "wrong" way for hours?